Distraught Caller Chokes Up Over GOP Abandoning POTUS: "Rush, You And Trump Are All We Have..."

I think I speak for most of you out there when I say I am just sick to my stomach over how the GOP has abandoned President Trump and their voters.

It’s like nobody really gives a damn that we had an election stolen from us. It’s this very lackadaisical attitude like “show us the evidence or move on.”  And it’s not just from the GOP, Tucker has that attitude, and a lot of so-called MAGA online personalities do as well.


There’s just this overall very “meh” and disengaged attitude from so many people – the same people who fought like savage warriors for Brett Kavanaugh…But now, they’re quiet or giving out these pointless, half-a** soundbites here and there.

Where’s the outrage? Why aren’t our elected GOP officials joining us in the streets? Why weren’t they banging on the doors where ballots are being counted demanding transparency or demanding full audits?

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Don’t they care about our elections?  Or do they just hate Trump and have been going through the motions for over 4  years, just biding their time until they could get rid of him so they could go back to “business as usual?”

I truly believe there’s only a small, small, very small handful of politicians in D.C. that actually want Trump as president. Life would be s much easier and more lucrative for them if he were gone.

That’s a sad realization, but I think a lot of us have come to that point now – I know one very emotional guy who called into Rush Limbaugh’s show feels that way.

Here’s what he said:


RUSH: So here we go with William in Ashburn, Virginia. Great to have you, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s great to be here. I’m gonna try to hold myself together and not get emotional here, but I want to hearken back to your statement about Georgia.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: About the Trump voters.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: And they should be very afraid. Very afraid. Trump and you are all we have left, Rush. We spent our lives voting for these people because they’re not them, and we just can’t do it anymore. We’re tired of being stabbed in the back, Rush. It’s better to have an enemy that’s in front of you than a friend that’s behind you that’s just gonna stab you. They do it every time. We have a Republican-controlled state, and they won’t do an audit of the vote.

They won’t! They just basically told every Georgian that they don’t care. We were in Washington on Saturday, me and my 33-year-old son. We saw more people than we’ve ever seen in our lifetime, ever — and we’re season ticket holders for the Ravens, for gosh sakes. I’ve been in crowds of 80,000 people. I’ve been to Steelers games, for goodness’ sakes. I have never seen so many people. But were there any Republicans there? No. None. None! But —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. What…? There were no Republicans? What was this thing that you went to?

CALLER: A week ago Saturday in Washington, D.C., the MAGA rally. There must have been hundreds of thousands of people thre.

RUSH: Okay. A MAGA really. You mean no elected Republicans? Is that what you mean?

CALLER: Yes, I do.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: Our party leadership, quote, unquote. If this were a Democrat rally, they would all be there.

RUSH: Yep.

CALLER: They were there for the anti-Tea Party movement walking hand in hand up the steps.

RUSH: Yep.

CALLER: No one stands for us, Rush! Only you and Donald Trump. (choking up) God forbid. What do we have left? I love my president. I am not… I am not a revolutionary, Rush, but I would die for my president. This man has given more to this country than anybody, and he has no need to. None. He’s a billionaire. He doesn’t need this.

RUSH: That’s exactly right.

CALLER: It’s disheartening.

RUSH: He didn’t need any of this.

CALLER: And, Rush, you’re our last beacon. I mean, I know there’s a place in heaven for you, Rush, and it just pains me every day. And my whole family prays for you because you turned us from being standard Reagan Democrats into real Republicans, and now the GOP turned us all into independents so we can go hide. It’s just disheartening.

RUSH: I know.

CALLER: I’m so sorry, Rush.

RUSH: I know it is. Let me tell, for people that missed what you’re reacting to, there was a story, first one I led with tomorrow, the Never-Trumpers — the people that worked to sabotage Donald Trump for four years — are now hoping that Trump voters will show up in the Georgia runoffs on January 5th and elect the two Republicans.

I encourage you to read the rest and listen to the actual call here.


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