Disturbing Details Emerge About Meryl Streep's Nephew, Who Allegedly Beat a Hispanic Teen So Severely, He Needed Emergency Brain Surgery

A while back we reported about anti-Trump actress Meryl Streep and her violent and disturbed nephew who was arrested recently for beating a man so severely, he needed brain surgery and almost died.

But the new details that have come out are even more disturbing than we could have predicted.

The violent exchange started over a road rage incident.

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David Peralta, the 19-year-old victim, who was minutes away from dying, and who Streep’s nephew, Charles Harrison Streep left to die in a parking lot, is speaking out for the first time after his brain surgery.

And the story he’s telling is far worse than earlier reports.

According to Peralta, Streep’ss nephew made racist comments to him as he was being nearly beaten to death.

From Daily Mail

As Peralta made to turn off the main street, he said, ‘Streep blew through a Stop sign and we almost collided.

‘He started screaming at me for no reason. I remember that I told him, ”You have to make the Stop sign.” And I thought that was it.’

But the angry verbal altercation between Streep in his Audi convertible and Peralta was just the start, as the older man made an illegal U-turn and came back for more.

Peralta said, ‘I just kept driving to the bank and then I see he followed me, and he gets out of his car and starts yelling at me multiple times about being Hispanic.’

According to Peralta, Streep also mocked his youthful appearance asking, ‘What are you? 14 or something?’

Some of what happened next is lost to Peralta due to the severity of his injuries which saw him unconscious and with a brain bleed.

But he remembers Streep got out of his car and angrily approached Peralta’s.

Peralta said, ‘I’m like, ”Why has he followed me?” and then he starts yelling and screaming. I was with my girlfriend and I have a new car and I didn’t want anything to happen [to either of them] so I got out too.’

Peralta continued, ‘He starts coming at me, pushing me. He said, ”You’re just Spanish I’m going to slam you to the ground… [after that] I don’t remember much because I went unconscious until I remember waking up. I saw I was bleeding, like my knees and my knuckles and my nose and my head.’

While young David may not remember, his 17-year-old girlfriend Christina witnessed the whole thing.  She said that David never threw a punch. She said Streep seized the moment and locked David in a chokehold.

She said David was already bleeding from his head and from his nose at this point. She said Streep had the young kid in a chokehold and was “dangling” him in the air. His feet were off the ground.

Streep’s nephew dropped David, and eventually just took off.

It turns out David had bleeding on his brain. He needed emergency surgery that was beyond the small local hospital’s capability, so he was emergency airlifted to the nearest big hospital and they didn’t know if he’d make it.

Thankfully, he did make it, and Maryl Streep’s disgustingly racist and violent nephew was eventually arrested.

He’s been charged with felony counts of second-degree assault and second-degree strangulation and released on a $5,000 bail while he awaits his trial.

Maybe Meryl Streep should have saved all the “racist” lectures she gave Donald Trump, and instead had some talks with her violent and racist nephew?


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