Disturbing New Info Emerges Involving Missing Instagram Star Gabby Petito and Her Bizarre Boyfriend 

If you haven’t heard yet – a beautiful 22-year-old “free spirit” girl from New York and her 23-year-old boyfriend went from “Instagram stars” to the center of a disturbing “missing persons” case.


22-Year-old Gabby has been missing since around August 25th, after she and her boyfriend Brian teamed up in July for a road trip from New York to Portland in their “camping van.”

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Everything seemed to be going great, the couple made videos and regular updates online, documenting what looked to be this whimsical “romantic” Instagram lifestyle trip.


Well, things took a strange turn on September 1st, when boyfriend Brian turned up in his home state of Florida in the “camping van,” but his girlfriend Gabby was nowhere to be found.

And the even stranger part is that Brian refused to speak to the police and instantly lawyered up.

That certainly doesn’t sound like the picture-perfect “all-natural” Instagram life, does it?

No…and now, there’s an even more disturbing update to report.


It turns out that while the couple was in Utah, just one month before Gabby went missing, they had a domestic scuffle that involved the police…and what Gabby told cops could be a hint about what actually happened to her.

New York Post reported that Gabby Petito and her boyfriend scuffled near a Utah national park last month, telling police that tension between the two “had been building over the last few days,” according to police records.

Petito also told cops she feared her beau, Brian Laundrie, was going to drive off and leave her behind.

Petito and Laundrie told cops in Moab, Utah, during the Aug. 12 incident that they had been traveling together for months and that the “emotional strain between them” had led to an “increased number of arguments,” the report, obtained by The Post, shows.

Police have now identified boyfriend Brian as an official “person of interest” in the missing person’s case. He’s still refusing to speak to the police.


It’s obvious he knows something…this is not how innocent people behave…and now we see that Gabby was actually scared that he would leave her behind.

Sounds like that’s exactly what he did, but the question is…where did he leave her and what the heck did he do to her?

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