Diva Moment: Petty Actress Thanks Fan for Compliment by Lecturing Her on 'Privilege'

We’re sure everyone at one point or another has experienced that combined feeling of frustration and almost amused disbelief that comes with dealing with someone so stupid and out-of-touch, yet so smug and condescending about their own stupidity.

A typical example of this phenomenon comes in the form of the woke, liberal diva, who believes that Daddy’s money, and/or her somewhat above average attractiveness, renders her insensitive and arrogant thoughts worthy of the little people’s adulation, and invincible to criticism. The Good Place star, British actress Jameela Jamil, assumed the role of this out-of-touch diva over the weekend when she accepted one fan’s compliment by explaining to her the burdens of privilege. 

The actress posted a photo of herself getting her hair and make-up done for the 2020 Emmys on Instagram on September 20 with the caption, “Getting ready for the Emmys later on, doing some make up, wearing some stuff.” The photo acquired nearly 150,000 likes in less than 24 hours and a flood of adoring comments. 

One nice user commented, “Your skin is so perfect,” to which Jamil took time to reply with a tone-deaf virtue-signal.

Jamil wrote, “My skin is currently clear because: A) Privileged people have more access to good quality nutrition and also our lives are significantly less stressful than the lives of those with less privilege.” The NBC actress added, “I also get to sleep more because of this. All of these things keep my hormones in balance and I’m able to address food intolerances easily.” Ah, we see.

She then wrote, “B) I believe that trans rights are human rights. C) I exfoliate twice a week.” Wow, it’s like she said everything except “Thank you!” What an awesome lady.

Jamil’s tone with this non-thank you was certainly a strange one. Does she hate her privilege, or does she love it and think that by making the appeal to privilege, people won’t chastise her for it? Or is she just trying to be complimented on her looks and get called brave, too? Combined with the non-thank you and then the shameless “Trans rights” shout out, it just seems all-around fake. Are dedicated lefties supposed to not see through her charade, or something?

One user on Twitter took a screenshot of Jamil’s comment and asked, “could she be more annoying.” Jamil actually took time out to respond to that with a vicious attack against the user, who has a much smaller account. Jamil wrote, “Go to therapy. It will help. I also used to be a miserable, mistrusting, little troll, just like you. It gets better.”

On September 21, she tweeted about how people were mistreating her for her initial Instagram comment: “I would like to make it extremely clear that I don’t give a flying fuck about what people *think* my intentions are.” She then made it about sexism, because, of course she would.

“We do not as a society, have a great track record of trusting women’s intentions and have been set up to not trust women in general since the story of Eden,” she added. Lady, you’re not helping your case. Sounds like you’re a petty, privileged person if we’ve ever seen one.

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