Dominion Voting Systems filed a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit Friday against Trump lawyer Sidney Powell over “wild accusations” that the company rigged the election to ensure victory for President-elect Joe Biden.

Powell has claimed that the Dominion, whose vote-counting equipment was used by multiple states in November’s elections, purposefully rigged it to “steal” the election. She has also represented the president in dozens of his failed suits attempting to overturn the election.

“Dominion brings this action to set the record straight,” the company said in its suit, which was filed in a federal court in Washington, D.C.

Since the election, Powell has claimed without providing evidence that Dominion was created in Venezuela to rig elections on behalf of Hugo Chavez and has the ability to switch votes.

Powell’s claims of widespread fraud have been refuted by an array of Republican government officials ranging from former Attorney General Bill Barr and Chris Krebs to governors in states across the country. Trump’s efforts to overturn the election was rejected dozens of times by state and federal courts, including twice by the U.S. Supreme Court.

“There have been mountains of direct evidence that conclusively disprove Powell’s vote manipulation claims against Dominion – namely, the millions of paper ballots that were audited and recounted by bipartisan officials and volunteers in Georgia and other swing states, which confirmed that Dominion accurately counted votes on paper ballots,” the company said, adding that when it earlier asked Powell to retract her false claims, she “doubled down” and amplified them further.

Powell did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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