Don't Mess With Melania - First Lady Issues a Final Warning to Sleazy Journalist That Continues to Defame Her

Our First Lady is fighting back against the salacious media in a big way.

Back in January of last year, a highly discredited journalist published a story on The Telegraph, which contained a slew of falsehoods.

The Telegraph later removed the story and issued an apology to Melania, but this journalist is still trying to perpetuate these lies about the First Lady by appealing a High Court ruling that her story was indeed defamatory.

From Press Gazzette

A US journalist will appeal a High Court ruling that The Daily Telegraph did not defame her when it issued an apology to US First Lady Melania Trump over an article she had written.

Nina Burleigh wrote a cover story, headlined “The mystery of Melania”, for the Telegraph’s Saturday magazine in January last year.

A week later, the newspaper removed the online article and published an apology to the First Lady saying it had “contained a number of false statements which we accept should not have been published”. The title also agreed to pay Trump substantial damages.

Burleigh argued that the “lurid” apology, which did not name her, made her an “international poster girl for fake news” but was disappointed this week when a High Court judge disagreed.

She has now said she intends to appeal the ruling, which saw Mr Justice Nicklin give his “provisional view” in the Telegraph’s favour.

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Well now Melania herself is throwing the gloves off and hitting back directly at this sleazy reporter.

The First Lady issued this scathing tweet in response to the appeal:

“There are consequences when a person writes false and defamatory stories without fact checking.”

Bravo Melania!

Good for her for calling out these trashy journalists for their blatant lies.

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