Early Signs Indicate Mitt Romney May Fall in Line on SCOTUS Vote

The showdown for the SCOTUS is about to begin and the usual suspects are causing problems, as usual.

Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and instead of Jeff Flake acting like a total jackass, we now have Mitt Romney.

Good-for-nothing traitor Lisa Murkowski has already said that she will not vote on a SCOTUS. Susan Collins hasn’t said definitively, but she is leaning the same way that her useless counterpart is – saying “The person who wins the election should pick the SCOTUS.” As if Trump was elected for 3 1/2 years, not 4 years.


She’ll probably lose her election now.

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However, Mitt Romney is showing some early signs that he may fall in line.

Let’s not get too excited, this is Mitt after all, but it’s encouraging that he hasn’t come out with a flat out “NO” like I thought he would.

Washington Examiners Susan Ferrechio is reporting that Mitt said he won’t decide on. the SCOTUS until he talks to other Republicans during a closed-door lunch tomorrow.

It gets exhausting dealing with the same three bozos every time something like this happens.

They are spoilers and traitors – bitter political losers who crave attention and want to feel important – narcissistic people, who don’t actually listen to their constituents who elected them, instead, they think the job is all about “them” and what they personally feel.

We really need to start weeding these traitors out – take them out during the primary.


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