The Debates are Biased – and the Commission on Presidential Debates is a Joke

Many Christians are weighing in. There are people on both sides who say they follow Jesus. So whose side is God on? It’s a fair question.


By Lyle Rapacki

The destiny of America is at stake.  Not America’s view of destiny which includes money, provisions, success, position…but God’s view of destiny.  God established America so His Word could go forth to all the world.  No less than 16 Presidents quoted “we shall be like a city on the hill.”  Yes…our Judeo-Christian Heritage from which our exceptional Nation was formed is at stake!  State resolutions will not protect us.  Petitions to Congress will not protect us.  Tea Parties shouting will not alter the pathway of evil residing in many sectors of our country, and very much evident in our Nation’s Capital.

We are a covenant nation; a nation given by God Himself in response to God leading a man to discover this land in the first place – “Our Forefathers Truly Appealed to Heaven” Amazon Kindle.  America has a history with God.  It was Founding Father John Quincy Adams who said, “The highest glory of the American Revolution was that it connected the insoluble bond between government and Christianity.”

These are the days of the removal of gray from our Land replaced with both deep darkness and bright light; darkness caused by evil, and light brought by God. So arise and shine child of God…arise and shine people of God.  Let God’s light so shine in and thru you that man may see the glory of the Lord thru you.


Does God Influence Elections?

Trump and Biden voters could hardly disagree more fiercely about who must win next Tuesday. America’s presidential election is as hotly contested as it could be.

Many Christians are weighing in. There are people on both sides who say they follow Jesus. So whose side is God on? It’s a fair question.

Donald Trump has the support of many evangelicals and other religious people. He also has a lot of personal faults very contrary to Christian teaching that many people find deeply troubling. Joe Biden is Catholic, but he supports positions that directly contradict biblical teachings, some of which even oppose Catholic doctrine.

There is a lot of pressure right now to get out and vote. But how do you choose? Do you try to identify the more devout man? Do you judge by issues—select who agrees with you on health care, the environment, abortion? If God does prefer a particular candidate, you don’t want to vote against him. But how do you know?

Does God influence the outcomes of elections? Does He care who assumes power over nations? Does He believe in “power of the people”?

Let’s look at the Bible for the answer. We’ll start with one scriptural truth the average voter will have a hard time accepting.

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