Eric Trump Does it Again...His Latest Biden Tweet is So Incredibly Clever and So Damning That It's Gone Mega Viral

Eric Trump isn’t messing around.

He’s laser-focused on taking Biden down and using the most clever ways to do it.

His last tweet, showing how fake the media polls are with that one stunning image was a smashing success, but he’s outdone himself this time.


We all know by now that Creepy Sleepy Dementia Joe Biden has been in politics for 47-long-agonizing years, right?

It’s one thing to say that…but it’s quite another to SEE it…to see the years lined up…so many of them, year, after year, after year, where Biden sat in the swamp, slowly killing the Amerian middle-class for his China masters, and enriching himself and his crackhead son Hunter.

It’s truly disgusting to see all those dates lined up. Each one representing so many American families trashed in the name of Biden’s “China globalism.”

And that’s exactly what Eric did with this series of tweets…He lined up all those disastrous dates –  one by one, like little globalist soldiers in China’s communist army.

Eric put Biden’s long history of helping himself and killing working-class Americans into tweet form and it’s very damaging and very powerful and has gone viral for all the right reasons.

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Here’s the very sad and very scary truth about who Joe Biden truly is: He’s a career global politician who places the interests of China, himself, and his family above all else.

If we gave him the keys to the White House, China would literally OWN this country, and everything we’d do from that point forward would be to increase China’s power and position in the world, and as a result, the American worker and the middle-class would be decimated, just like they were under Obama’s God awful reign of terror.


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