Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Steps in to Settle Internal BLM Debate: The Daily Beast

With tensions on the rise over the Black Lives Matter movement, many people have taken to social media platforms like Facebook to express their opinions. This issue has caused strife even among Facebook employees. 

On September 1, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had to step in regarding controversy over a post made by an employee on Facebook’s internal message board, according to The Daily Beast.

The post was reportedly entitled “In Support of Law Enforcement and Black Lives,” and expressed sympathy over the shooting death of Jacob Blake. The post also expressed sympathy for “well-intentioned law enforcement officers who have been victimized by society’s conformity to a lie,” according to The Daily Beast. 

The post caused “outrage” among employees, several sources within the company told The Daily Beast. The author of the post later reportedly deleted several comments and edited the post to say, “many of you found this to be offensive, which was not my intent.” 

Zuckerberg reportedly stepped in a few days after the initial post and adjusted the guidelines of the internal forum, saying: “You won’t be able to discuss highly charged content broadly in open groups. As you know, we deeply value expression and open discussion, but I don’t believe people working here should have to be confronted with divisive conversations while they’re trying to work.”

Facebook’s internal channels were intended to “discuss potentially controversial topics that would discourage employees from more widely sharing views that other staff consider offensive,” noted The Daily Beast. Now, however, it appears as though the company will moderate the channels more heavily and not allow employees to discuss controversial topics. 

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