Family Moving Out of California Writes Scathing Message to Gavin Newsom on their Moving Truck

There’s a mass exodus underway from a lot of liberal cities and states.

Fed up Americans, who are tried of soaring crime and tyrannical COVID restrictions are leaving hell-holes like L.A., and New York City and heading for Red States.

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From ABC 7

Elon Musk is not the only person threatening to leave California. Dissatisfied residents have left in a minor exodus in recent years.

In 2019, more than half a million Californians moved to Texas, alone. That is hard to believe when standing along Grant Avenue in Novato. It’s another iteration of Main Street, USA.

But behind some of the small business storefronts in this picture-perfect scene, the coronavirus has brought pain and doubt to the American dream.

“It is hard to keep up with the bills right now,” said Lam, an immigrant from Vietnam. His family arrived with next to nothing, 30 years ago.

Now, their restaurant called Bacon, is much of what they have to show for it. But with his doors still closed, profits have dropped 90 percent.

The family is ready to move to Texas, which is opening up, and already more affordable than California.

“I blame the state. Yes. I do,” said Tien.

He’s not alone.

Up in the hills, Lauren Prichard prepped, this morning, for a move to Florida, by throwing old furniture into a dumpster.

“What is wrong with California?” we asked.

“I don’t like the litter, the trash, the homeless.”

“But that was before the pandemic,” we reminded her.

“The pandemic was the last straw because they shuttered businesses that could stay open.”

Well, one particular. group of four people decided to leave a parting-message to Gavin Newsom and the rest of the Democrat leaders.

They wrote the following message on their moving trailer:

“Bye CA! 4 more taxpayers NOT funding your bad ideas”

We love it!

I also found this gem of a tweet today and thought you’d like to see it…

This was from a Twitter user named “Janet,” and she says she just moved to Arizona and for the first time since Ash Wednesday, she was able to sing hyms in a church without a mask on…she then added, “California sucks.”

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Here’s what she said: “We just moved to Arizona and I am inside a Church without a mask on (socially distanced though) singing hymns for the first time since Ash Wednesday. Thank you, Jesus! California sucks. Move if you can.”

It’s time for good patriots to get out of these liberal-run hell-holes and head for “redder pastures.”

If you can swing it, leave. If you can’t, start saving up and make a plan to get out when you can.


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