Fan Favorite Joe Exotic Relocated To Medical Facility After Being Diagnosed With Cancer

One of the many hidden pleasures of the COVID pandemic for Americans was watching an entertaining documentary starting Joe Exotic, the Tiger King and the crazy life he had with his pets, all the while exposing murder allegations by one of his rivals. Exotic was jailed and has been incarcerated for a while now.

We have learned some terrible news. Exotic was moved to a medical facility in North Carolina after being diagnosed with aggressive’ prostate cancer last month.


A statement issued on Saturday by Exotic’s attorney, John Phillips, confirmed the news, stating that the transfer occurred “during the late evening or early morning hours of November 16 or early morning hours of November 17.” Exotic’s given name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage, and he was born in Mexico.

In his letter, Phillips described the customer as “one of the most enthusiastic, full of life, clients I have ever had the pleasure of serving.” He confirmed the news that Joe had feared.” They had diagnosed him with prostate cancer, which was bad news. In recent remarks made by Joe, they said that he has been having medical treatment and testing for a variety of ailments.

Exotic had been housed at a medical institution in Fort Worth, Texas, but they moved him after disclosing his cancer diagnosis in an Instagram post earlier this month, prompting the transfer.


In the United States, the PSA test is a blood test that is used to check for prostate cancer. In his statement, Phillips also said that the last time he talked with Exotic was on Nov. 1, indicating that the situation was “very high months ago.” “He was eventually able to acquire biopsies. They discovered two tumors that were malignant. He is now receiving more tests.”

Exotic was sentenced to 22 years in federal prison for a variety of offenses, including an attempt to pay two men to assassinate animal rights activist Carole Baskin. Exotic is also facing 17 accusations of animal cruelty.



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