Fearless Senator Marsha Blackburn Just Destroyed Senator Whitehouse With The Most Savage Soros Meme Ever

The media and Dems want you to believe that mentioning George Soros and his dark money is off-limits.

But Senator Marsha Blackburn isn’t afraid, she not only mentioned George Soros, but she used a meme of dark and dastardly Soros to absolutely destroy Senator Whitehouse during today’s SCOTUS confirmation hearing.


During today’s hearing, Whitehouse, who you’ll recall used high school yearbook props during the Kavanaugh hearing and accused Justice Kavanaugh of “gang rape” and other disgusting lies, got out his new props to use against Amy Coney Barrett, to supposedly showcase all the “dark right-wing money” that’s funding hate and turmoil in America.

Give me a break…

Whitehouse does this while Americans have sat by and watched far-left BLM and Antifa forces try and destroy this country on behalf of the Democrat Party for months on end.

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So, Senator Blackburn decided to hit back at the lefts phony narrative, by injecting some hardcore TRUTH and FACTS into the argument, by way of Demonic Soros.

Blackburn posted a photo of Senator Whitehouse and his little ‘dark money’ prop, but instead, she had an image of Soros photoshopped on it, with “DARK MONEY” and the words “George Soros is funding radical left activities” on the chyron.


I’ll tell you what, President Trump has shown the GOP how to fight, and they’re off to the races now!

This is how we fight back – no fear, and with facts and truth shoved right back into the communist faces of the left.

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They’re not used to the right actually fighting. They’re accustomed to milquetoast losers like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan rolling over and playing dead, in hopes they won’t get injured in the melee.

Those days are over…thanks to President Trump, the GOP is now known as “fight club.”


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