February 2020 Video Features Joe Biden Telling His Rally Crowd "It's Not Time to Panic About Coronavirus"

The Dems have launched their latest hit piece against President Trump.

This time, it came from Democrat “journalist” Bob Woodward, who released audiotapes of conversations he and the president had for his new book.

Yes,  President Trumpvolunatairly sat down with Woodward, which many people find odd, but Trump had nothing to hide. However, he needs to remember that the left will twist and selectively edit everything to create a “scandal.”

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The crux of the hit piece is that President Trump “knew” how deadly COVID was, but hid it from the American people.

It’s a silly premise, especially since President Trump has publically said that he was trying to avoid spreading panic on numerous occasions. And yes, he said that to Woodward as well. But that doesn’t stop the media and Dem pundits with spinning the story to suit their narrative.

And that’s exactly what they did…even going so far as to demand Trump “resign” or get impeached again…Absurd.

This is what Presidents do…They monitor information and data and do their best to keep the country calm during a crisis.

Even befuddled politicians like Joe Biden get that.

During a February 28 rally, Joe told all of his. “superspreader rallygoers” that it was not time to panic about Coronavirus yet.

You can watch the video below:

However, what was irresponsible and negligent was when Joe called Trump “Xenophobic” for canceling flights to China. And at that same time, politicians like Pelosi and de Blasio and other Dems were pushing people to get out and mingle and were even going to China Town to fight Trump’s “racism.”

That was putting Americans in danger, not what President Trump did.


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