Feminist Crank Runs and Hides After Tweet on ACB 'Weaponizing Her White Womanhood'

Brett T. at Twitchy expressed surprise at how feminist journalists came unglued as Amy Coney Barrett appeared at the White House with seven children (including two black children adopted from Haiti, and one with Down Syndrome.) Journalist Christine Grimaldi distinguished herself on Twitter (or extinguished herself) by accusing a fellow white woman of “weaponizing her white womanhood.” 

This whole press conference is a display of Amy Coney Barrett weaponizing her white womanhood to grab whatever power managed to slip through the cracks in the Trump administration’s unrelenting misogyny.

Grimaldi writes for the uber-feminist Rewire News Group, which defines their mission as “Empowering you to own your relationship to sex, abortion, parenthood, and power.”

This woman was empowered with some anger: “Trump and Barrett using her black children and child with Down Syndrome to score political points isn’t surprising, but it’s no less appalling.”

She even complained about CNN being too pro-Trump! “CNN keeps going on and on about Barrett’s family, as if that makes her qualified to serve on the Supreme Court, and her whopping three years  as a Trump-appointed federal judge, as if that’s enough to qualify for the Supreme Court.”

Grimaldi was seriously “ratioed” by critics for these, a “trifecta” of ratios:

After this online fiasco, Grimaldi decided to hide, putting her tweets on “protected” status, which was a mission of mercy for people who just can’t handle this much “talent.” The accusations of “misogyny” can be rebutted with accusations of “misopedia,” a hatred of children. 

The critics were savage. Guy Faux began: “A woman being elevated to the highest echelon of the judiciary being evidence of runaway misogyny is one hell of a take.”

TwoQuoque added: “You missed the chance for the liberal trifecta by not mentioning she’s also personally responsible for killing the planet by having such a large family. I’m disappointed in you.”

WeirdosGo might have summarized some of the effect: “I did not vote for Trump in 2016, but I have been pushed over the edge by the attitudes of people like you. I will be voting for Trump in 2020, and if he wins, remember that you are partly to blame for his second term.”

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