Former Newsmax Host John Cardillo Shares Alarming "Biden Info" He Received From High-Up Intel Source

It’s been 8 long and horrifying months that Joe Biden has been installed in the White House, and each month that goes by brings a fresh new bag of horrors.


None, worse than the Afghanistan disaster, where Biden is responsible for 13 US service members being killed by an ISIS suicide bomb, thanks to his failed leadership, ineptitude, and likely, his cognitive decline.

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My grandmother had Alzheimer’s – and Joe reminds me a lot of her. She lived with us, and as much as we loved and cared for her, we certainly wouldn’t put her in charge of setting the dinner table, let alone, the entire US military.

Joe’s cognitive issues have been on public display since his disastrous campaign. Even though his Handlers tried to hide him in a basement, every time he crawled out it was a disaster.

But things have gotten worse.

A lot worse.

Dems can no longer pretend that Joe’s issue is actually a “childhood stutter.” What a stupid, asinine excuse that was, to begin with.

But for some reason, everyone’s been quiet and “hush-hush” about mentioning Biden’s OBVIOUS decline. The media is in the Dems back pocket, so that’s understandable, but why aren’t Republicans shouting this from the rooftops?

A couple of them are, but not nearly enough.

Is it because they’re scared of an unpopular, clueless VP named Kamala Harris stepping into the top role?

If so, that’s another asinine and lame excuse.


My God, at the very least, she doesn’t appear to have Alzheimer’s.

And after what conservative pundit and former Newsmax host John Cardillo just shared, we should all be really, reaally concerned.

John spoke with one of his sources with the intel community, and. he said that everyone in IC knows Joe’s is cognitively disabled, and they “argued” with him not to give certain “order” on Afghanistan, but he did anyway.

This is like giving a loaded Glock to a toddler.

Here’s what John said:

High ranking source in IC told me IC officials know Biden is cognitively disabled, they argued with him to not give the order, he became combative and did it anyway. They’re concerned for global stability. Sentiment is that Kamala will at least make lucid decisions.

I don’t care who is next in line after Joe, the deaths of our service members, and all of those other people, made it imperative that Joe be removed from office, or many more will die.


We’ll deal with Kamala just fine…We’re not afraid of any of these commies. Bring them on, and we’ll pick ’em off one by one.

That’s the attitude we need to have.

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