Fox News "Election Decision Desk" Chief Just Pulled Most Cowardly Move Ever

Fox News has been taking a lot of heat for its ghastly election night coverage.

They refused to call key states for Trump, but they were pleased as punch to call Arizona for Biden – which is currently still being counted and leaning “Trump.”


The man at the head of the Fox News election desk is none other than #NeverTrumper Chris Stirewalt.

And people are calling for him to be fired.

The tide has turned against Fox News in a big way – as a matter of fact, earlier, Bret Baier mocked and made light of Americans who are angry over how Fox handled election night with a callous and tone-deaf tweet.

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Many people believe that Fox News was “exposed” and their true globalist colors were revealed by how they handled election night.

When you think about it, they have a point. Fox News and their “calls” and “non-calls” set the stage for this “Biden steal” we’re currently seeing unfold.

And nobody is getting harder hit than Chris Stirewalt.

But the man is such a coward, that instead of answering for what these rotten election calls and non-calls, he did the most cowardly thing ever…

He locked down his Twitter account so nobody can tweet at him.

Disgusting Chris…you make these wild calls that create this momentum for fraud and then you lock down and refuse to answer for them.

That’s the definition of a true coward and weasel.

Enough of this…we deserve better news and information.

President Trump is currently fighting his butt off.

And we need to rise up and fight with him.

This election will go to the courts and we will win.

Don’t give up and don’t give in.

We didn’t fight this hard for 5 years to roll over when the Deep State strikes.


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