Fox News Top Brass "Toasted" Chris Wallace's Debate Performance With Champagne

If you didn’t watch the debate in real-time, by now you’ve either heard of Chris Wallace’s shameful and partisan debate performance, or you’ve seen clips of it.

It was probably one of the most partisan and embarrassing attempts to “save” a candidate that’s ever been on display.

It was a trainwreck of epic proportions from anyone’s perspective.

Folks on the right were furious as Wallace carried water for Biden, blocked any “hard jabs” from President Trump, and at one point literally became a “candidate” himself, debating Trump on issues and literally spreading fake news – once again that stupid “Very Fine People” lie reared its ugly head, thanks to Chrissy.

The crybabies on the left are mad because they think Wallace didn’t have enough “control” over President Trump and allowed him to smack their feeble candidate around like a rag doll.

Either way, you look at it, Wallace was there to save Biden from a disaster. He was not a “moderator,” he was a political bodyguard.

MORE NEWS: Coward Chris Wallace Blames President Trump For The Debate Disaster, Says He “Felt Desperate”

And apparently, that pro-Biden “song and dance routine” put on by Wallace really thrilled some folks over at Fox News.

According to a New York Times article, the top brass at Fox News, Lachlan Murdoch (son of Rupert) and Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott were so pleased with Wallace, they actually toasted him with champagne after his debate spectacle.

Gee, I guess we can see very clearly which side Fox News is on, right?

NYT writer Michael Grynbaum, who wrote the article, said this: “Lachlan MURDOCH toasted Chris Wallace in Cleveland with a glass of champagne last night, although Wallace tells me: “I didn’t feel much like celebrating.” Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott also on-hand.”

I have said this before, and I will say it again…Fox News has become controlled opposition and they’re far more dangerous than MSNBC or CNN to our cause.

Yes, they have some very hard-core conservative shows on the air, Tucker, Hannity, Levin, etc. but don’t be fooled into thinking that makes them our “friend.”

That’s just the “controlled opposition” part of the equation. Think of Fox News as a “sting operation.” They’re working on this inside to take their target down, and the only way to do that is by lulling the target into a false sense of security and pretending to be on their side.

We’ve seen a lot of changes happen at Fox News since the days of Roger Ailes….we’ll continue to see more, and they’ll be subtle – but impactful.


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