Frank Luntz is Forced to Tuck Tail and Admit That Trump was Right

Well, well, well…

Look who’s singing a different tune.


Big anti-Trumper and pollster Frank Luntz was just forced to make the walk of shame and admit that Trump was right about the incredibly inaccurate polling from the 2020 election.

Now the poll data projected Biden to be a bigger winner than he has been thus far doesn’t seem to be “mistake,” instead it appears to be a way for the left to support any kind of win he might pull off.

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Regardless, Luntz is now calling for these pollsters to be investigated.

From Breitbart

Luntz, on Fox News Channel’s “Outnumbered,” described the Washington Post’s poll that had Biden winning by 17 points “polling malpractice.” He went on to say Trump and his pollsters were “correct,” whereas polling across the country “was so wrong.”

“There are people calling for investigations of the pollsters who had Joe Biden winning by 10 points, 12 points. The biggest one all is … the Washington Post poll just a few days ago had Joe Biden winning by 17 points. That’s not a mistake. That’s not an error. That’s polling malpractice,” Luntz advised. “And you have to go to tremendous lengths to be able to get something that wrong so close to the election. And there’s a significant review by all of the media outlets of the work they were doing. The fact is the published pulling was so wrong, and not just for presidents but for House races, for the Senate races, that the American people had no idea that this was going to happen, and you know what? Actually, Donald Trump was correct. Donald Trump’s pollsters were correct that this was much closer than anybody realized, and we are going through the ramifications of that right now.”

The GOP pollster attributed the poor polling to Trump voters wanting “to send a message to Washington, to the swamp.”

“They want to send a message that they are not going to be treated and ignored and forgotten and lied to, and so they simply don’t cooperate with pollsters,” Luntz explained.

For once in quite a while, Luntz is right, these pollsters seriously need to be reigned in.

You thought they would’ve learned their lesson in 2016.

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