French Protesters Show Their Hatred of Joe Biden With Damning Image

As you likely know by now, France is experiencing an uprising over a draconian-like vaccine push from President Macron, who’s basically told his citizens, take the jab, or you’ll never live a normal life again – and the push back from the French people as been jaw-dropping.


Hundreds of thousands of French people have taken to the streets to demand “liberty” from the tyrannical COVID abuse being unleashed by their ruler, Macron.

And this isn’t something small – no – it’s so big, and people are so angry, that it actually has a “Louis XVI” type feel…and while many don’t know what will happen or how this will turn out, one thing is sure, countless people around the globe do not appreciate being forced to inject an “experimental” serum into their bodies.

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The vaccine push is coming from the global elites.

Many believe this next phase of the COVID nightmare is part of the Great Reset, being foisted upon the world by globalist leaders like Macron, Johnson, and Biden.

Of course, we all know Biden isn’t actually “running” anything himself, he likely can’t even tie a pair of shoes on his own – but regardless, he’s the “face” of Obama’s dreaded third term.


And so, when it came time to call out these tyrant globalists, the French people made sure to place Bumbling Joe Biden front and center in their collage of “COVID Hitlers.”


Take a look:

I gotta tell you, after seeing 5 years of Trump Hitler memes, this image here made me chuckle.


And the irony is that this meme of “Adolf Biden” is a heck of a lot more accurate than anything “Hitler-esque” to do with President Trump.

The bottom line is that the people of France know what’s up, and God Bless them for calling it out this way.

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