George Papadopoulos Just Blew The Lid Off Biden's Latest "Hunter Games" In Ukraine...Impeach?

Joe Biden has a long and sorted history in Ukraine and Russia – China too, but that’s a whole ‘nother piece for a later day.


But Ukraine and Russia are where Joe has done some of his dirtiest work and according to George Papadopoulos, Joe is back to his filthy tricks. Impeachment time?

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It’s amazing how Joe gets installed and takes over and suddenly, the world starts falling apart.

We’ve got bombs dropping in Syria, China is eye-ballin’ Taiwan, and Russia and Ukraine are at odds, and we’re not even 100 days in yet.

Let’s. face it, the Deep State warmongers made Joe’s sham presidency happen so they could get back into the money-making business of war and destruction.

And we all know the history that Joe and Hunter have in Ukraine…and speaking of Hunter…all roads always lead back to Hunter, right?


That’s where Hunter’s fake business gig was – at Burisma. And Ukraine is also the country where Joe played his quid pro quo and held back US aide money until a prosecutor who was investigating Hunter’s workplace got fire.

Remember that?

In case you don’t, I have the video right here.

Well, as I said earlier, all roads lead back to Hunter and it looks like Joe is back to his dirty Ukraine tricks again folks…and shockingly, the Republicans are not talking about it.

Just kidding, that’s not shocking at all.

But I’ll tell you who is talking about it – former Trump aide and a man STUNG by the fake US Russia scam, George Papadopoulos…and here’s what he said about what’s now going on.

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“Biden is now withholding $150 million in aid from Ukraine as tensions with Russia grow. I mentioned this a couple weeks ago. He wants to pressure Ukraine to drop all criminal investigations into him and his son, Hunter. Where’s the media on this extortion attempt?”

Biden is still running cover for Hunter – and himself. He knows we can’t do anything here (for now), so he’s trying to takedown the people who can over there.

I’ll tell you what – 2022 is going to be a battle of epic proportions.

Dems will pull out all the stops (and by “stops” I mean fake mail-in ballots) to keep their narrow margin in the House and Senate.


Because if they don’t, the pressure on Republicans to really go after Biden for this type of stuff and other crooked Dems with the fire of a thousand suns will be unbearable and they’ll have to do it or sacrifice themselves.

We’ve had enough waiting and the gloves are completely off and. it’s time for some political payback.

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