Geraldo Rivera Has 3 Very Important Questions For The Biden Boys

Things are really heating up with the Hunter/Joe Biden hard drive scandal.

It’s gotten so bad for the Bidens now, that the media and Dems are calling it “Russian disinformation.”


It’s their old standby.

Granted, nobody from the Biden campaign has come out and called the information a “fraud” or said it was “fake.”


They likely can’t do that because they know full-well it’s real.

And no, it’s not “Russian boogiemen” who released this…it was a concerned computer repair guy who is an American small business owner.

Regardless, the media isn’t forcing Joe to answer any tough questions.  They’re all in massive “damage control” mode.

This is what happens when you have a Democrat-run propaganda media.

However, there are still some good journalists out there who want to know the truth and they’re asking questions.

Tough questions…

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One of those people is none. other than Geraldo Rivera.

He has thre questions for the Biden boys.

Here’s. what he said:

1-Does computer belong to #HunterBiden ?

2-Are the emails & texts real?

3-If they are authentic, then was @JoeBiden lying when he said he & Hunter never discussed his son’s foreign dealings? So far questions ignored. If it was Son of Trump #NYT & #WaPo would have team coverage.

We know our lamestream media will not ask these questions…So it’s up to us to keep hammering away and not let Biden and his handlers get away with pulling a massive scam-job on the American people.

Thank you, Geraldo, for at least taking this seriously.


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