GOP Lawmakers Call on DOJ to Take Legal Action Against Netflix for the Film 'Cuties'

This is the news we all wanted to hear, folks.

According to a statement released exclusively to The Daily Caller, GOP Senators Tom Cotton and Jim Banks are calling on the Department of Justice to seek legal action against Netflix for the controversial film “Cuties.”

Tom Cotton and Jim Banks both expressed outrage at Netflix for the blatant sexualization of minors, with Cotton calling the film “disgusting at best and a serious crime at worst.”

From The Daily Caller

“There’s no excuse for the sexualization of children, and Netflix’s decision to promote the film ‘Cuties’ is disgusting at best and a serious crime at worst,” Cotton told the Caller in a statement. “I urge the Department of Justice to take action against Netflix for their role in pushing explicit depictions of children into American homes.”

Indiana congressman Banks concurred with his fellow Republican, adding the DOJ should prepare charges against the streaming platform for distributing “child pornography.”

“As a father of young daughters, I find it sickening. Not only is this movie fodder for pedophiles, it encourages very young girls to defy their parents’ wishes and share pornographic images of themselves with strangers, ” Banks told the DC. “Our culture has come a long way in recent years, recognizing the power of television, movies and magazines to affect young girls.”

Many users on Twitter are praising Cotton and Banks for their brave actions:

“This is so hurtful to watch, especially to those who are victims. I truly hope that they receive justice. And for those don’t see the issue with such content in the media, think of your child being exploited as objects and you may see it from that point of view”

“This should not be a partisan issue. There should be democratic support in Congress for this too.”

This film is truly disgusting and Netflix as well as the production team should face punishments for putting out this trash.

It’s absolutely horrifying what deviant garbage the entertainment industry is pushing out these days and taking action like Cotton and Banks have done is the only way to stop it.

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