GOP State Director Shares These Shocking Photo’s of Biden Campaign Littering the Streets of Nevada

Well this is pretty gosh darn ironic…

Nevada’s GOP State Director, Joe Weaver, shared a shocking set of photo’s which showed dozens upon dozen of flyers for Biden’s campaign coving a sweet in Nevada.

Not too eco friendly of you, huh Joe?

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You don’t have to be an expert on climate to know that that amount of garbage on the ground is not a good thing, and many users on Twitter were sure to let the Biden camp know that:

“Post office thought they were ballots.”

“Otherwise known as littering! No different than shitting on the street considering the content! Obviously the Biden campaign doesn’t care how they treat our planet!”

“OMG – where’s that green new deal teenager when you need her???”

“They threw them out to make more room for all of the Biden ballots that they’ll mysteriously find a few days after the election.”

“They better be bio degradable”

“That’s littering lol!! Is that what the Biden Green Deal calls for”

These images are a complete embarrassment for the Biden/Harris camp.

Not only does it depict extreme littering, but it also shows that no one cared enough to pick up them up.

This sums up Biden’s said campaign in a nutshell.

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