Gov Newsom Gets a Ton of Backlash For Telling Restaurant Goers to Keep Their Mask on "Between Bites"

Governor Gavin Newsom’s office of the governor Twitter account is getting bombarded with backlash for a Tweet they published suggesting people who go out to restaurants keep their masks on “between bites” to help “slow the spread” of COVID.


Does this mean that the virus pauses each time someone takes a bite and then resumes it’s onslaught right after?

Here’s what he said: “Going out to eat with members of your household this weekend? Don’t forget to keep your mask on in between bites. Do your part to keep those around you healthy. #SlowtheSpread

This is a very confusing message, at best, and Newsome got hammered with backlash for it:

“You’re freaking INSANE!”


“I got a cootie shot in kindergarten. Good thing too, haven’t caught cooties yet!”

“**not a parody account”

“This is surely a way of turning people against masks…… reverse psychology If not you’re absolutely insane If you read this tweet and arent astounded then im sorry but you’re an idiot (sorry if you’re just finding this out on twitter)”


“This is the stupidest thing I have seen yet. 7 months of this garbage.”

“Congratulations! This is the clowniest mask “order” of them all.”

“Anyone who does This, needs to seek professional help! There’s NO way that’s an acceptable manner. None.”

“But this would literally increase the number of times you take your mask off, you absolute choadmuffins”

“This is insane. I hope no one is agreeing to do this”

“Since when did we start taking medical advice from politicians?”

This is probably one of the craziest suggestions I’ve seen.

As we get close to the election, it seems like the “mask takes” are getting even more looney.


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