Gov Whitmer Should Have Pointed The Finger At Her COVID Actions

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s actions set people off in showing up at the state capitol; in fact, some of the lockdown measures were so extreme that the MI Supreme Court ruled against her.

And of course, her actions have caused her state to suffered greatly economically per the Wharton School Budget Project. Despite her severe lockdowns, the state has had one of the highest death rates in the nation. She has totally mismanaged things there.


Why bring all this up? Whitmer should start by pointing the finger at herself. She has an evil eye, and she has become quite the dictator. Vote her out. No need for a shooting war. Vote her out.

But we also need to be careful of a much great undercurrent that is rising nationwide. We allow riots. Our police are shot. Now we have religious groups in NYC rising to rebel.

Liberty suppression leads to revolt as well. I used to think it could never happen here for most of my life — but my mind has been changed by the events of 2020.

Plus, I have to remind myself how this country was formed.

I remember the Pres Jimmy Carter days when militias were rising in the mid-west. They were losing their farms and homes that had been in the family for a hundred years due to 16 and 18% interest on their jacked-up outstanding loans, something they couldn’t pay; foreclosures were everywhere.

Eventually, the militias went away when Reagan became president, interest rates went down, and foreclosures stopped, but the point is, these guys had reason to rise. Just something to remember as you outlaw indoor church, outdoor church, garden supplies, painting your house outside, walking on dry sand (wet sand is okay!), etc.

You can suspend the Constitution for a few months for whatever reason you want, but then you really have to go back to the way things are, or there will be problems.


Blaming Pres. Trump for this would be comparable to blaming Bernie Sanders for the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise. Unless either of them had called specifically for the crimes committed, the blame lies on the shoulders of the perpetrators. The attempted shifting of personal responsibility is ridiculous. By this measure, you could blame hundreds of actions on politicians based on their supporters’ personal behavior.

The media would blame Trump for Lincoln’s assassination if they thought it would help. The media is pushing the country left. Playing with minds and hearts. Enjoying the violence in the streets and not reporting anything about it. Freedom of the Press should now be held accountable for their words and actions.

The sad part is that in the Governor’s speech, she never once thanked the person that was part of the militant group that didn’t like the way things were going and actually went to the authorities and alerted them.

Without the federal government’s actions, it may never have been discovered before it was too late. Of course, the Governor and the media blamed Pres. Trump, would you have expected anything else? They’ve spent four years trying to get him out of office now the push is on to do whatever is necessary to prevent him from getting re-elected?

This is a sad bunch of crybabies that Americans need to check and show they are not worthy to lead this country.



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