Here's The Clip Biden Hopes You Forgot About...Where He Trashes Cops and Calls to Defund Them...

Crime is soaring in Democrat-run cities across the nation.


And not just by a little…it’s by an alarming amount.

Take a look:

And we all know why this is happening, don’t we?

The Democrats are the party of chaos and anarchy.

They’re the “Defund the police” crew, who want to give criminals a helping hand and who demonize the police.

Just look at BLM…this is a Marxist organization that glorifies hoodlums and trashes police on a regular basis. It’s their “brand.”

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This is the new “theme” of the Dem Party, and these soaring crime stats are the obvious outcome of that lawless narrative.

Look what the police chief in liberal-run Oakland, California just said:

But now, after months and months of the Dems pushing this “Defund the Police” nonsense, and after seeing it completely backfire, the Dems are now trying to say it’s actually Republicans who want to “defund the police.”

This is patently absurd but very typical of the Dems. This is how dirty they play to win.


There’s no reason to fund the police with federal funds. The police are funded with state funds – and these liberal cities are taking that money away. Now, Dems want to “solve” that problem by taking federal funds and giving them to the police for political points. It makes no sense, so of course, Republicans wouldn’t support that bait and switch game.

Meanwhile, Bumbling Joe is out there laughingly telling America that he and the Dems are the “Party of the Police,” and that Republicans are the ones who hate the cops, and that Dems never wanted to defund cops, and they support the police 100 percent.

Oh really, Joe?


Well, I found a video that contradicts that completely.

This is a past clip during the campaign, where Joe is sitting in his basement discussing how the police are the “enemy” and agreeing that they should lose funding.

You can watch the video below:

So, let me ask you – does that sound like a man who is “supporting the police” and respecting them, and who wants to fund them fully so they can properly do their jobs?



It doesn’t.

It’s a video that tells the absolute truth about Joe and his sickening party, and proves once again, that the surging crime is 100 percent the fault of the Dems.

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