Here's The Photo That Should Terrify Every RINO Running For ReElection...

The political primary season is upon us.


And that means a lot more to Trump supporters this time around than ever before.

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After the 2020 election, where the majority of Trump supporters believe they were “robbed” by Dems and GOP establishment in a “sham” election that was rigged to install Joe Biden into the White House, are now gunning to takedown any politician who they believe were “in on it.”

And one of the number one guys on the top of that list is Georgia GOP Governor Brian Kemp, whose state was supposedly won by Biden, in what many are calling the most suspicious way ever…complete with wildly changing numbers in the wee hours of the night.

Kemp quickly became a very unpopular character when he seemingly refused to back up Trump and his voters and actually do something to investigate the election and all of the signed affidavits that were pouring in, claiming “fraud” had occurred.


Trump supporters believe that Kemp’s inaction was a clear indication that was in on the whole thing, and from that moment on Kemp was public enemy #1.

Even so, Kemp, who’s been labeled a “RINO” (Republican In Name Only) by the vast majority of voters, and who is one of the most unliked politicians around, has decided to run again for governor of Georgia.

I’ll tell you what, these RINOs are either shameless or clueless. Maybe both.

However, by the looks of this photo from Kemp’s big “KICKOFF EVENT,” he’s not generating any excitement at all – I mean none…

And as pro-Trump Vernon Jones said (he’s also running for GA governor) he’s seen more “energy” at a Biden rally.



Take a look at this s0-called crowd:

This is the type of photo that every single RINO who’s running for reelection should see as a “wake-up call.”


Tump supporters are on a mission to take down the politicians who either stood by and did nothing, or who actively took part in what many are calling “The Big Lie.”

And this photo here of a lackluster, low-energy “kickoff” event, should be a reminder of what’s to come for all the RINOs that think they can double-cross their voters.

Backlash is coming.

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