Here's The Truth About Viral Video Claiming Vaxed Priest Died During Mass

There’s a lot of misinformation floating around out there, about all sorts of things nowadays – and it’s not just from the left. “Our side” gets it wrong, too. Maybe not as much, or on such a GRAND scale as the left (Russia hoax, Kyle Rittenhouse, Brett Kavanaugh, Covington Boys, Hands Up/Don’t Shoot, etc.), but regardless, it happens.


And that’s what has happened with the viral video about a vaccinated priest supposedly “dropping dead” during a sermon.

Many people have shared the clip all over the internet. It shows a priest in the middle of mass, getting woozy and then falling down, as the people in his parish rush over to help.

The video is presented as: “Priest dies during service after Covid vax” or some variation of that by many people online.



But that’s not what actually happened. The priest didn’t die. He’s still very much alive, and he’s actually back to work and just delivered a sermon on November 23rd.

Reuters reports that they identified the man in the video as Angel Cuevas Gutierrez, the parish priest of Parroquia Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Reina de México in Acapulco.

He fainted during his sermon on Sept. 4, according to a local report (here).

The following day, Sept. 5, Gutierrez returned to church and appeared in a Facebook livestream (timestamp 37.00, here), in which he thanked those in the community who sent him good wishes and prayers.

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He added: “Thank God I am on my feet, I am already under medical supervision and, on the recommendation of the doctors, I will be absent for a few days…

“I believe that we always have to see things as something that came from God, by the way sometimes there are strong moments that help us to focus on ourselves.  When the body reacts in this way, it means that there is something, then we have to give space to take care of ourselves and see what there is and what a server is going to do.”


I don’t know why the priest collapsed in the first place; they did not mention his vaccination status. But again, he is alive and well, thank God.

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