Hillary Auditions For Secretary of Defense in 5000-Word Pro-Biden Article

Do you want a country and a world run by warmonger Hillary Clinton?

Well, if you vote for Biden and he gets in office, that’s pricelessly what you’d likely end up with.


At least that’s the takeaway people have from Hillary’s 5000-word pr0-Biden resume, err, article she wrote.

People in the know say the piece reads like an “audition” for Biden’s secretary of defense.

Can you imagine that warmongering neocon in charge of our defense?

We’d be in 6 world wars before the first week closed.

Trump surrogate and political powerhouse Rassheem Kassam penned the piece, and in it, he correctly points out that Hillary sauntering into the race 3-weeks before Election Day is a gift from the political God’s to Trump.

There are not many people who can conjure up such a visceral reaction as Hillary can.

From The National Pulse


Her article contains a number of veiled mea culpas over globalism, though she repeatedly lumps the blame at Donald Trump’s door for many of the problems caused – in a national security sense – by his predecessors:

“For decades, policymakers have thought too narrowly about national security and failed to internalize—or fund—a broader approach that encompasses threats not just from intercontinental ballistic missiles and insurgencies but also from cyberattacks, viruses, carbon emissions, online propaganda, and shifting supply chains. There is no more poignant example than the current administration’s failure to grasp that a tourist carrying home a virus can be as dangerous as a terrorist planting a pathogen. President Barack Obama’s national security staff left a 69-page playbook for responding to pandemics, but President Donald Trump’s team ignored it, focusing instead on the threat of bioterrorism.”

The article even critiques U.S. reliance of China, a key part of Donald Trump’s platform in both 2016 and 2020. She writes:

“[T]he pandemic has underscored how much the United States relies on China and other countries for vital imports—not just lifesaving medical supplies but also raw materials such as rare-earth minerals and electronic equipment that powers everything from telecommunications to weapons systems.”

And while also appearing to lambast her own side’s heartlessness over job losses – she calls the left’s “learn to code” mantra “fanciful and condescending” – she also gives away that a Democratic plan for the “modernization” of the U.S. military would lead to massive job losses:

“No one should pretend that every defense job can be saved or replaced. Cutting hundreds of billions of dollars in military spending over the next decade will inevitably inflict a painful toll on families and communities across the country.”


Now, the question remains, how will President Trump use this golden ticket that has fallen into his lap?

I can’t imagine anything more nightmarish, than painting a picture of Hillary “Benghazi” Clinton back at the very helm of our nation’s foreign policy.

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It really starts painting a macabre picture of the Biden camp.

Here you have this man who is a sneeze away from full-blown Alzheimer’s, with a lackluster, unimpressive VP pick who everyone knows would be the “real president,” and now, politics biggest shrew likely playing a top-tier power role in the Biden puppet show.

Vote like your life depends on it, folks.

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