Hillary Clinton Should Know Better Than to Try and Attack Ted Cruz... It Never Ends Well

Big Bird is in the news, and not for anything good. As you likely know by now, the government is now targeting children ages 5 to 11 years old to take the jab. This has many people concerned since their COVID risk is extremely low. This virus has a 99.8 survival rate for healthy people, so a lot of what’s happening right now is feeling like more of a “money-making” scheme for big pharma, politicians, and elites than anything else. Now, everyone who got two jabs has to get another one, and now kids are in the crosshairs for the vaccine, which doesn’t even stop people from catching or spreading the virus.


It doesn’t feel very “sciencey.”

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So, in order to push big pharma’s medicine, characters from Sesame Street joined the cause.

Here’s what started the controversy:

This really offended many people, because once again, the left loves their propaganda and they love targeting kids.

This is nothing new, we already knew this.


And of course, Hillary Clinton had to insert herself into this Big Bird scandal the moment Ted Cruz said something.

Nothing in this world can go on without her butting her vodka-soaked nose into it.

But as with almost everything Hillary does, it backfired in her smug face.

She didn’t get the wrath of Ted this time, but patriotic Americans gave her “what for.”

Here’s what Hillary Said: “It’s a bird that teaches children things. Like how to stay healthy. That’s it.”

Here’s what people online had to say about Hillary’s tweet.

“Staying healthy is taking an experimental drug?”

“Big Bird isn’t real. Vaccine mandates are dumb and you’re going to prison” 

“The push is to have children accept risk of vaccination with unlicensed product with unknown pediatric safety to protect the old folks.”

“Hey Hillary, has Durham called you yet?” 

“Big Bird didn’t kill himself” 

“Indictment’s are coming you old bat” 

“Nationalize the entire pharmaceutical industry. Take the profit motive away from science and lets see how long this endless push for vaccines lasts. (and yes, I’ve been double stabbed)”

“Don’t Vince Foster the bird.”

“communist propaganda from two molting old birds” 

“By staying healthy, do you mean not having information that would lead to your arrest???”

“And it’s people like you that want to kill kids before they are born so…..”


That last line is so true. If Hillary really cared about kids, she wouldn’t support murdering them in the womb.

I wonder what Big Bird thinks about that?

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