Hillary Clinton’s Back and Her Latest Comments on Impeachment Land Her in Dog House

She’s baaaack…

That’s right, Hillary has emerged from her dark cave and is again spouting the same type of garbage that lost her the White House in 2016.

It seems that Hillary and other Dems are already gearing up for this impeachment trial to turn into yet another failure, and they’re already starting to undermine it with these ridiculous theories.


And Hillary, of course, just came up with the mother of all ridiculous theories on why Trump will most likely not be impeached.

She believes that Republicans are apparently Trump’s co-conspirators and that’s why they can’t vote to convict him.

Co-conspirators in what? Trying to fix this broken country?

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From The Daily Wire

Clinton seems to suggest that there is no other option for Republicans other than to agree with the House impeachment managers’ case against Trump or be aligned with him as a “co-conspirator.” There does not appear to be another reason for acquittal to the former Secretary of State.

On Thursday, Clinton tweeted again, drawing comparisons between Republicans and the rioters on January 6. The former First Lady posted an opinion piece by Representative Jim McGovern (D-MA) and iVote Founder Ellen Kurz published by Newsweek.

The op-ed, released on Monday, is titled “Congress Must Defeat the Continued Insurrection Against American Democracy.”

This whackadoo conspiracy theory was of course met with some pretty fantastic comeback from conservatives on Twitter.

Check it out:

So you’ve prejudged the trial before the evidence has had a chance to be heard?

It’ll be because of Russia, obviously.

But you have no problem with the “judge” that’s presiding already coming out and saying the defendant is guilty and will vote to convict. We are a banana republic

Oh, Hillary, I apologize. I didn’t realize you were still here. You may go.


She’s is just absolutely pathetic.

It’s clear that this woman STILL has not gotten over the fact that Trump beat her in the election.

Please Hillary, just put down the Twitter and go get a life.

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