Hollywood Actors: Trump Is a Nazi, His Voters Support Nazis

More leftist celebrities still can’t understand why millions of Americans would vote for President Donald Trump instead of a candidate with deteriorating mental faculties.

Actors Ron Perlman, John Cusack, Yvette Nicole Brown, like many others in their line of work, are clearly upset at the amount of support that President Trump is getting. They cannot understand why anyone would vote for a man who helped improve the economy and advocated for the protection of the unborn, so they automatically assumed people voted for him because they wanted Nazis in office. 

If you’re wondering how that makes any sense, you’re not alone.

Ron Perlman, who seems to spend more time insulting Trump on Twitter than acting, tweeted on November 4 that “If anybody out there has a book idea about when America started being on the side of Nazis, racists, and assorted other fascists and dictators, call your agent right away.”

That’s odd. Has there been a rise in anti-Semitism in the GOP lately? Has Trump been sending Jewish-Americans and communists to concentration camps? Have Republicans been howling “Heil Trump!” with stiff, raised arms? Ben Shapiro and AOC have both been active on Twitter today, and no one who has achieved maturity would ever mimic a Nazi, so it’s safe to assume that Perlman is throwing another tantrum. 

It might actually be Perlman who is attracted to dictatorship. That is, he doesn’t seem to be interested in a system that represents the people in their entirety. In fact, this tweet from before the election seems to indicate that he wants to crush the voice of certain voters completely: “Listen up, McConnell, Graham, Trump, and all the rest of you low-life motherfuckers… we’re gonna put 17 justices on the Supreme Court if we have to. We’re gonna stomp out the memory of you like the cockroaches you are. Believe it. Bitches.”

Moving on to John Cusack, another actor who spends a sizable chunk of his time lambasting Trump on Twitter. He wrote in a disjointed tweet on November 4 that “The most people ever voted to remove a nazi – outdoing the nazi by  4 – 5 million Problem is  60 million other are either zombies asleep or  want Nazis”

This isn’t the first time Cusack has called Trump a Nazi. He actually compared him to Hitler once. Supposedly, Trump and his voters desperately want Aryans to rule America, invade eastern Europe for more living space, and wear striking uniforms tailored by Hugo Boss (yes, this is true). We hear the U. S. army even swore an oath to Trump.

Meanwhile, actress Yvette Nicole Brown (Community) tweeted a movie-themed video of a voter having trouble choosing between, among others, the obvious hero Indiana Jones as the Democrat candidate and “The Nazis” as the Republican one, with the comment: “Half of America.  #MakeItMakeSense”.

These three actors are alike. All are unable to control their emotions, know how to slander and name-call, and can’t make a coherent argument against Trump. Or tweet, in Cusack’s case. 

Perlman, Cusack, and Brown will be displeased to know that millions of Americans voted for President Trump, but still have their heads screwed on. Unlike certain actors who themselves seem to have an alarming obsession with Nazism.

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