House "Freedom Caucus" Just Used The "Power of The Purse" as a Weapon Against Pelosi 

When President Trump was in office and the Republicans controlled the House and the Senate, the Democrats didn’t stop fighting. They didn’t stand on the sidelines and whine like sniveling losers and say, “well, we don’t have power so there’s nothing we can do right now…”



They fought like wild banshees and threw anything and everything at the wall, just to see if it stuck. And not a lot of it did, but they made a ton of noise and caused a lot of chaos and it energized their base and turned many people into activists and voters. And that’s what the Republicans need to do right now – and it’s even more ideal for Republicans since the Dems have a hairline majority.

The problem is we have so many RINOs on our side, but that’s something we need to take care of in 2022. But the good guys and gals we have on our side need to step up even more and make as many waves as possible.

And I’m happy to report that the House Freedom Caucus is doing just that by using the power of the purse against Pelosi and Biden’s vaccine mandate.

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Breitbart reported that the House Freedom Caucus formally informed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Tuesday that its members will not vote to fund the federal government while the Biden administration maintains vaccine mandates on government and private sector employees.

The conservative group wrote in a letter to the speaker that it views the coronavirus vaccine mandates as “unconstitutional” and divisive, and they warned their implementation would result in mass job losses that destroy livelihoods and threaten national security.

The caucus noted as an example that “thousands of men and women in uniform are thus far choosing not to meet the recent COVID-19 vaccination requirements imposed by DoD [the Department of Defense].”

“It is absurd to threaten to discharge – honorably or dishonorably – anyone in our military for making that choice,” the caucus continued. “In addition, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) could lose hundreds, or even thousands, of its border patrol agents due to federal vaccination requirements while our southern border is in crisis.” The group noted the same concern applies to law enforcement officers, defense contractors, and other federal workers.


Here’s what Freedom Caucus member Andy Biggs said in a tweet: “Any government spending bill that continues funding the unconstitutional vaccine mandate is intolerable. As members of Congress we have the power of the purse – it’s time we start to use it to protect the livelihoods of the American people.”

I love this.

This is an “action” move and does a heck of a lot more than some lazy senator or congressman having his staffer send out “outrage” tweets a few times a week.


When we have our backs against the wall, and it looks like we have no way to win, that’s when Republicans need to get creative ad find any way to fight and shake things up.

That’s what the voters want, and if they can’t do that, they need to be replaced

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