How Quickly It Turned: BLM Now About Anti-Capitalism

It didn’t take long.

“Seattle Councilwoman Kshama Sawant, said the Black Lives Matter movement ‘has been nothing short of an earthquake in American politics, exposing the endemic racism and police violence of US capitalism’…Sawant, 46, is a native of India, called for the overthrow of capitalism, including the seizure of Fortune 500 companies. In a tweet she declared her desire to ‘…overthrow the racist, sexist, violent, utterly bankrupt system of capitalism.’”

So, Sawant inadvertently acknowledges that the riots in Seattle – and New York, Chicago, Portland, et al – are and never have been about racism or George Floyd. This uprising has always been about a Marxist hatred for Capitalism.

Leave it to the cowards of Communism to deceive the masses. Then, they have always preyed on the intellectually weak when creating their “useful idiots.”

There are two blazingly obvious facts that need to be addressed whenever a Marxist tries to convince people that Communism is the way to go. That they need to be pointed out is a very dark commentary on the US education system.

First, Capitalism is the only economic system – bar none – that allows for the opportunity to amass wealth through hard work. It is the economic system that introduced the advent of the Middle Class to the world. This was – and for many still is – the promise of the American Dream. Yes, it has gotten harder for innovators and new entrepreneurs to embrace this opportunity but that is solely for the fact that government has injected itself into the marketplace through regulation and the ideological hand of social engineering. Left to itself, Capitalism creates wealth through the unassailable equation of supply and demand.

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Second, there isn’t and hasn’t been one – not one – nation-state that has survived the cancer of Communism. Each fledgling government that has embraced the Socialist-to-Communist model has experienced the fallibility of human nature which, throughout the ages, has fallen prey to the seduction of power. In each and every instance that the Socialist-to-Communist model has been employed, wealth has been stolen to subsidize the elite, human rights have been discarded, great loss of life at the hand of the elite has taken place, and revolution has ensued.

A simple question always throws a wrench into the Marxist narrative and rightly so. If Communism is so wildly better than Capitalism, why are you not existing in a Communist nation? If Communism is so superior to Capitalism, why would you want to stay?

When people like Sawant leave their native lands for the United States they are overtly admitting that their system of governments have failed them; that Socialism, Fascism, and Communism simply do not work for the masses. There is no freedom. There is no opportunity. Unless you are in the oligarchic elite you are a peasant with no hope and no future.

It is for this reason that these intellectually stunted, political simpletons come to a country that does afford them freedom. And then they abuse that freedom by trying to recreate the same failed governmental and economic models that sent them fleeing their native lands.

Americans have been duped into believing that our nation must change to be fair to all. The fact is this. People flock here from around the world in a steady stream because we are the fairest country on the face of the Earth and because opportunity when we remove the poison hand of  Communism’s social engineering, is available to everyone…even loud-mouthed Marxists.

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