HUGE: Big Leagues Politics Journalist Sent a Cease & Desist Order Via Michigan AG: Delete #DetroitLeaks Video OR ELSE

If the fact that the Michigan AG demanded a video showing voter fraud training be deleted doesn’t convince you of election fraud nothing will.


By TCP News


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(TCP News)  Shane Trejo, a journalist for Big League Politics witnessed voter fraud, and posted a video of people actually being trained on how to commit voter fraud.

The Michigan state government’s response?  Take down the video immediately or face criminal prosecution.  Isn’t it illegal to use the power of the state to cover up a crime?  Apparently, if one is a Democrat, and operating for the benefit of said Democrats, then committing crimes is ok.

The #DetroitLeaks video is an eye opener, and we suggest everyone watch it.  We have posted a link to it instead of the video itself for obvious reasons.  The so-called trainer is training people on how to commit fraud, so that the Democrats can win the 2020 presidential election – one way or another.

This boots on the ground fraud combined with the use of THE HAMMER and SCORECARD, which our publisher wrote about to digitally alter votes in real time – is the reason Biden supposedly won the election.  Supposedly because illegitimate Biden did not win, and we think that fact will be revealed in full in the near future.

Multiple independent witnesses have approached the Gateway Pundit and confirmed that the predictions from #DetroitLeaks were accurate, and that the counting of ballots for Wayne County/Detroit at the TCF Center (aka Cobo Hall), was by poll workers who refused challenges from poll challengers, used COVID as an excuse to deny access to review the process, tabulated challenged illegal ballots, and fulfilled this voter fraud prophecy.

With the electoral votes critical to the re-election of Donald Trump, this information will be critical to demonstrate the state of mind and intent of the poll workers who delivered a very suspicious Michigan victory to Joe Biden.  (Source)

Donald J. Trump was cheated out of the election – this cannot be ignored, there is simply WAY to much information coming out regarding this.



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