Hunter Biden Found Crafty Way to Declare His "Innocence" Without Uttering a Single Word

People are always asking, “Where’s Hunter?”

And it’s a legitimate question since Hunter seems to be involved in some new “scandal du jour” every month.


The troubled Biden boy is always the topic of some new questionable mess, yet nothing ever seems to be done about it.

The press doesn’t ask questions, and Joe Biden just mumbles about what a “smart” guy Hunter is, and that’s the end of that.

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The Feds are far more interested in busting MAGA grannies who were wandering around the Nation’s Capitol, than prying into the shady business dealings, creepy porn videos, and illegal drug and gun shenanigans of Hunter Biden.

Even so, Hunter Biden, who won’t speak in public on these concerning matters, has still managed to find a crafty way to declare his innocence.

He just wrote a book, and used that to give a series of blanket statements about his “innocence.” He also cries about how he’s a “victim” of a right-wing conspiracy and declares he’s never been accused of anything…

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Well, of course, he hasn’t been accused of anything — no one has bothered to look into Hunter’s business dealings or laptop, or drugs, or guns.

As a matter of fact, Joe told us the laptop was a “Russian conspiracy,” and the media hid it from everyone.

It’s kinda hard to be accused of something when everyone on earth is covering for you.


But that’s not good enough for privileged Hunter – being able to get away with stuff that would land you and me in prison isn’t enough for this spoiled man-baby. He has to rub his tremendous privilege in our faces by declaring he’s innocent and is being victimized in some shameless propaganda book, that he’ll make millions off of.

From Breitbart 

President Joe Biden’s son Hunter maintains his role on the board of Ukrainian gas company Burisma wasn’t unethical and didn’t represent a lack of judgment on his part.

AP reports the younger Biden however would reject the chance to do it again, he says in a memoir due for release Tuesday, citing partisan politics for his change of heart.

“I did nothing unethical, and have never been charged with wrongdoing,” Hunter Biden writes in “Beautiful Things,” a memoir. “In our current political environment, I don’t believe it would make any difference if I took that seat or not. I’d be attacked anyway.”

“What I do believe, in this current climate, is that it wouldn’t matter what I did or didn’t do,” he wrote. “The attacks weren’t intended for me. They were meant to wound my dad.”

President Biden has always rejected any criticism of his son and his financial dealings, maintaining there is “no basis” for the accusation Hunter profited from foreign business partners by selling access to his father during his tenure in office.

More recently Biden Snr. has sought to appease his critics by saying members of his family would not be involved with government or foreign policy decisions.

As Breitbart News reported, the forthcoming tome will center on the younger Biden’s well publicized struggles with substance abuse, according to Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster.

It comes as controversy continues to swirl around his former business dealings.

It must be nice to be Hunter Biden.

You get a level of liberal privilege that is off the charts.

You can literally run around making millions off your family name in shady deals that go completely uninvestigated, churn out creepy home pornos, and commit crimes with illegal guns and drugs, and never face one single question about it.


Then, after all of that, you get to make millions by writing a book about how innocent you are, and all the accusations against you are false, and you never have to utter a single solitary word.

That will be it, that’s Hunter going on the “recorded” and “addressing” the allegations. That’s all the media, authorities, and Dems need.

Meanwhile, the American people disgusted watching this two-tier justice system unfold.

Well, it looks like Biden Privilege is the highest-quality “liberal privilege” around.



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