Hysterical CNN Claims 'New Jim Crow' Election Laws Will Keep Black People From Voting

CNN Tonight tried to scare viewers that new GOP election laws like the one in Georgia were the same as “Jim Crow” racial segregation rules of the South from over half a century ago.

If you think that sounds ridiculous, well, that’s because it is. Yet host Don Lemon still pushed forward the absurd notion:

“There are more than 250 proposed bills and at least 43 states that are aimed at restricting access to the ballot. It is being called the new Jim Crow,” Lemon touted to start the hysteria driven, fact-free report from correspondent Joe Johns.

“Jim Crow is making a comeback,” Johns hyped, while CNN played footage of a 1941 film showing a “Jim Crow” character in blackface. He added that new election security laws will turn America back into to the racially segregated South:

Jim Crow is also the name used to describe unequal racial segregation rules that banned black people from eating at white owned restaurants, staying in white owned hotels, and fully participating in the election process. Now, as hundreds of new proposals to scale back voter participation, the parallels with the past are inescapable. 



Johns then talked to a self-described “civil rights activist” from Virginia who was arrested for doing a sit-in at a whites-only lunch counter in the early 1960s. Johns hyped how those laws of the past weren’t even as bad as they are now. “But comparing today’s proposals to limit voting to Jim Crow laws of the past, can only go so far.” The activist he interviewed added, “What is happening now is worse than anything I would think could ever happen to a democracy. Living in America.”

The uncritical CNN reporter then touted the left-wing Brennan Center for Justice blaming President Trump’s “big lie” about election fraud to be the inspiration behind these bills. The activist claimed Republicans were using this lie to “blatantly” tell black voters, “We are going to keep you from voting.”

Johns touted the Brennan Center again calling these laws racist with an additional soundbite:

JOHNS: And some of those proposals have already become law like the one in Georgia making it a misdemeanor to deliver food or water to people standing in line to vote. Proponents of the measure claim it is not racist. It’s just to keep people from trying to influence voters on election day. But the Brennan Central for Justice says, Jim Crow election laws were also presented as neutral at the time. 

The CNN report ended with hopes that Congress will intervene and use its power to “make its own rules” or “undo” these election security measures.

So in theory at least, anything the states do, the Congress can undo if there is only enough political will. That of course is a big question mark right now,” Johns hopefully added.

Lemon praised the fearmongering report as the two chatted some more pressuring Democrats in Congress to stomp out states’ rights:

DON LEMON: History really shows us why it is so important for Congress to be involved here, right? 

JOE JOHNS: Absolutely. And there’s a real question of congressional neglect. Back in 2013 the United States Supreme Court essentially eviscerated parts of the Voting Rights Act. They did tell Congress that it needed to pass some new measures along with the Voting Rights Act which has not happened now in eight years. Of course, that’s the reason why we see such a big push up on Capitol Hill to change voting rights, once and for all.

CNN’s propaganda was paid for by advertiser Priceline. Contact them at the Conservatives Fight Back page here.

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