“I Don’t Think Bill Clinton Gets to Lecture Anyone On What Should Happen in the Oval Office”

The Democrats are the most out of touch, clueless group of people I’ve ever seen.

In the midst of this #MeToo movement, they invite a guy who is wrought with sexual abuse and rape allegations to speak, and his speech, he has the audacity to mention the “Oval Office” and suggest what should happen in that sacred room…

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Mind you, this is the man who turned his intern into a human “humidor” inside the hallowed walls of the Oval Office and then lied to the American people about it.

The shameless hypocrisy so over the top you just have to wonder how these people can seriously show their faces in public.

It’s so bad, as a matter of fact, that rabid anti-Trump liberal Stephen Colbert even came out and slammed Bill Clinton.

From Hot Air

Stephen Colbert’s late-night television talk show was on after Tuesday night’s Democrat convention coverage. Colbert is well-known for the political activism that he weaves into his nightly show. His show is a must-do for elected Democrats and those running for office. Colbert is so anti-Trump, in fact, that he created an animated political show for Showtime called Our Cartoon President. So, it is notable that Colbert blasted Bubba for criticizing Trump’s behavior in the Oval Office.

‘The former president let Trump have it,’ Colbert said, cutting to show a clip of Clinton stating that the Oval Office ‘should be a command center.’

‘Instead, it is a storm center,’ Clinton said in his speech.

Colbert commented: ‘Alright, that’s true, that’s a good point.

‘But I don’t think Bill Clinton gets to lecture anyone on what should happen in the Oval Office.

‘Those in glass houses should not be allowed near the interns.’
Hence the dilemma for our brothers and sisters on the left in the age of #MeToo. Bill Clinton is still allowed to participate in Democrat Party events as though he is just another beloved former president, a wise elder in the party. When Clinton was president, women reporters fell all over themselves to fawn over Clinton though his horndog reputation with women other than his wife was well known. It should have been embarrassing to feminists but liberal women were happy to turn a blind eye – if Hillary was ok with his behavior, why should anyone else care? Sex with a twenty-something White House intern in the Oval Office a total of nine times by her account finally was a bridge too far for some in the Democrat Party. It wasn’t enough for Senate Democrats in the majority at the time to impeach Clinton but he was impeached by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives and it became a part of his legacy.

You can watch the video below (comments on Clinton start around 4:30 mark):

What a slap in the face the Dems just delivered to women all over the country by having a man who has been accused of rape his entire adult life, and who was just placed on  Epstein’s  “pedo island” by witnesses, speak at the DNC convention…and furthermore “lecture” America on the Oval Office.

This move here just goes to prove that all of these Dem movements like #MeToo mean absolutely nothing. They’re purely political. Same as BLM. These folks don’t care about the lives of Black Americans, if they did, they’d be protesting in front of Mayor Lighfoot’s house, demanding school choice, more police, trade schools, and improved infrastructure.


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