Photo of Here’s Where Sweden Stands After Refusing To Require Strict Coronavirus Lockdowns

Researches and medical professionals have found that people with blood type O (positive or negative) have a slightly reduced chance of becoming infected and less of a chance of needing life-saving interventions like ventilators or admission into an ICU.

“A higher proportion of Covid-19 patients with blood group A or AB required mechanical ventilation and had a longer ICU stay compared with patients with blood group O or B,” the study authors wrote.

Taking these limited findings in perspective is difficult as experts are puzzled by the 85%+ drop in influenza deaths during the Coronavirus pandemic.

It is unclear whether deaths are being mislabeled in an effort by medical institutions to get more money from insurers and the government for what would only have been a flu patient or if influenza has suddenly been almost completely wiped off the face of the Earth.


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