If You're Defending Biden Over His Afghan Debacle, You're A Danger To Yourself

Everything Joe Biden has done since taking office demonstrates he is an order taker and not a leader.

He completely lacks the Presidential acumen (the ability to make good judgments and quick decisions, typically in a particular domain) necessary to lead our country into the 21 Century.

It’s not the withdrawal itself but its incompetent execution by the most incompetent president in US history.

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According to people who know him like Robert Gates, Biden has been wrong about most major foreign-policy questions all of his adult life. Unfortunately, he is now President, and we are now seeing the gut-wrenching consequences of his incompetence in Afghanistan, where Biden rejected the advice of his military and intelligence officials and ignored the clear evidence on the ground, and ordered a calamitous U.S. withdrawal.

Anyone who voted for this decrepit and incompetent puppet of the Left is beyond redemption.

I didn’t watch Biden’s speech on Tuesday, but through the highlights, I saw how he threw Bush, Obama, Trump, and the Afghanistan government under the bus for what has transpired. Joe said he “stands by his decision.” The closest he came to a mea culpa was ‘’we ‘’ did not anticipate how fast events would transpire.  And then he closed by saying, “the buck stops here.”

Harry Truman must be turning over in his grave.  He would not have made such a statement after blaming everybody else—but then Biden isn’t from Missouri — he‘s from a not-so-successful 50 years in Congress.

From what we know, Joe was advised by his military to continue to provide air support to the Afghans. He chose not to, and a disaster has unfolded. It is hideous that he refuses to take responsibility for this debacle and instead tries to blame elsewhere. His reckless actions have led to a bloodbath. History will not be kind to this craven politician posing as a President of the United States.

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Whatever you think of Bush and the Kurds, you should NOT be defending Biden’s actions now. Whether or not we should have left Afghanistan can be debated. The issue is they TOTALLY botched the implementation of the evacuation. Whether or not past presidents also did so does NOT absolve Biden.

We shall never know how a Trump administration would have ended the US presence, but one thing is crystal clear. It would not have been possible to do a worse job than Joe Biden. How Biden, with his evident mental deficiencies, got into office in the first place, largely with the help of the progressive Democrat-biased media, is a precedent that bears no repetition, given the fact that the incumbent is unfit for office, particularly high office.

Recent estimates indicate AT LEAST 80,000 Afghanis need to be evacuated before the Taliban can slaughter them. These individuals ( not military) have worked with US and NATO forces for the past twenty years. Many, but not even most, have reached the Kabul airport. That airport is currently in chaos and not able to launch any aircraft. Mr. Biden, you say that you stand by your decision to leave Afghanistan as we have. What about these 80,000 + individuals that need to leave before they lose their lives? Doesn’t America owe them safe passage because they have trusted us?

Men hanging from an airplane and dropping to their death will not be forgotten in either 2022 or 2024. I assure you it will be replayed repeatedly, so we don’t forget. Biden should be impeached on the grounds of incompetence before something terrible happens. Get him out while there is time.

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Given the chaos and lack of foresight and coordination on display from this government during the last few weeks in Afghanistan, I am losing confidence that it is even capable of protecting the country. The porous southern border is another humanitarian and security disaster to which the current administration acts as if it is oblivious and helpless to resolve. Something needs to change, and quickly.



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