Ilhan Omar Shows Her Ignorance and Hatred for America – Attacks Joe Biden Over Restarting Wall Construction

Omar’s lack of concern over a porous border is telling, and typical


By TCP News Staff


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(TCP News)  Ilhan Omar is not at all happy about Biden’s decision to repair, maintain, or restart construction of the wall.  In fact she called him out about it in no uncertain terms on Twitter.

“It’s shameful and unacceptable for @POTUS to continue the construction of Trump’s xenophobic and racist wall.”

We get so tired of this kind of asinine commentary especially when it comes from a self-serving morally bankrupt, conniving thief like Omar.  This ridiculous position comes from a woman who married her own brother, had an affair, and gave a large part of her campaign contributions to her husband’s business firm.

In the first place genius, walls are not nor can they be xenophobic or racist.  In the second place Omar, you are being disingenuous in the extreme.

Democrats want open borders for one reason only, and that reason has nothing to do with the welfare of others.  Open borders make for new Democrat voters – it’s that simple.

Ilhan like her brethren cares nothing for others.  That has been aptly demonstrated in their actions.  The Dems can talk all they want, but their actions tell a very different story.

Allowing a wide open border is a recipe for disaster.  This country can’t possibly hope to absorb the number of people who want to come here, period.  As brutal as this sounds – we also don’t want or need all of those people.

America first has many meanings, and this is one of them.  ALL Americans should feel safe in their own country.  We should also be able to access this countries resources when needed.  Good luck with that when the illegals are sucking up the resources.  We don’t need the diseases many bring with them, and we don’t need the useless welfare cases that want to come here and suck up the free benefits Biden’s clan likes to give them.

Our very way of life is in danger when we allow any and all people to come here illegally.  Illegals come here and demand they be given benefits, that they are just as entitled to them as U.S. citizens are.  These same illegals then turn around and demand that we honor the culture and customs of their nation!  Excuse us!  You are here ILLEGALLY.  You are in America, if your nation is so great, what are you doing here?

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Immigration is all well and good, but it should be done legally and those who come here should have something to offer, as in more than our very own welfare cases who refuse to work.

Much of this country was built with the help of immigrants.  But there is a difference between these people, and the illegal border hoppers of today.  The LEGAL immigrants came here, and the U.S. became their home, it meant something to them.  They WORKED hard, and they made their way.  The illegals come here looking for handouts.  If they work, they often send money out of the country.  They aren’t interested in being citizens, at least many of them aren’t.

Another overlooked fact is that there are way to many illegals that are criminals.  Unfortunately, the courts let them go often with a slap on the wrist.  The news is full of these cases.  People have died because of this, way to many people.

The one fact remains – these people are here illegally.  Only in the U.S. is this nonsense tolerated.  If you pull this kind of thing in another country, you will be thrown in jail.  If you come to America illegally – you will be given a check.

To ad insult to injury, if you dare to stand up and defend yourself and your nation because of what is being done via allowing illegals to come in, to remain here, giving them benefits many of us do not receive etc. – then you are racist, anti-Mexican or whatever nation they come from, you are a bigot and a hater, and a xenophobe.  So you deserve to be beaten, doxed, fired, ostracized, ridiculed, censored, deplatformed, and in the future if the Dems have their way – convicted of a hate crime and then imprisoned.

Did we miss anything?


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