In An Effort To Raise Her Media Status, Guthrie's Attempt Backfired BIGLY!

Last week, during NBC’s “so called” Town Hall, the executive heads tried to put Pres. Trump in a no-win situation by using host, Savannah Guthrie as the “attack moderator,” but they still haven’t figured how to beat the Commander-in-Chief.

If he had run her over, they would be accused of running over a female reporter. If he doesn’t, then he gets beat up, looks soft. He played it perfectly and was neither of those.


Trump was brilliant in the Town Hall. He came across as the President of the United States. He engaged the questioners, and they appeared to be satisfied with his responses to their questions. I definitely will be voting for President Trump for another four years. He has made steady progress in making our country our country, always putting us first and looking out for us. He does it in a plain, straightforward way showing strength and an unwillingness to compromise.

Guthrie HAD TO make up for her network’s perceived mistake in scheduling a Trump town hall opposite a Joe Biden love fest. It was her job to play “gotcha” with the President. The only problem was that the President was presidential, gentlemanly, and well prepared for her disingenuous assault. It would seem that Savannah is the one who got “got.”

Please make no mistake about it. NBC did this past week’s town hall for ratings and to make dollars. All along, they were going to display their bias and lack of journalistic integrity, and they did, for all America to see. Guthrie is responsible for further encouraging Trump’s supporters and probably made Trump some new votes among the undecided. America doesn’t like cheating and unfair, even if the Democrats and their immoral media live on it.

Personally, I’ve never seen a President or anyone else for that matter treated with such disrespect. The vile nature of the left alone makes me want to vote for Trump. And I’m going to but at the polls. Taking half a day off to avoid the crowds, vote straight Repub. No to every tax, levy, bond, or liberal cause.

Did you happen to notice how NBC used intimidating practices to belittle Trump right off the bat? Biden had a welcoming, comfy chair to sit in. Trump was provided a small bar stool that any adult male could barely sit on.


Could you imagine if Obama had to go what Trump has gone through with the media? He would’ve started crying racism and whatever else he could think of. Obama couldn’t deal with Fox, let alone having about 90% of the media coming after him. I can’t believe what the guy has gone through for the last four years; if you sit and think about it all and he’s ready to do it all over again.

It looks like the political battlefield now and in the future will be in the media and on social platforms. Republicans have let the leftist democrats take control of these platforms. Conservatives need to start new networks and social media platforms to challenge. It will take a lot of money and time, but it must be done and started quickly.

I predict that President Trump will win 42 states, Republicans will retain the Senate and add 2 seats, and Republicans will take the House. This will be the largest electoral landslide since 1984 when Ronald Reagan won 49 states and kicked off the longest streak of economic growth in the 20th century.


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