Is the Media on the Payroll or Simply in the Tank?

I was reading an article in The Week written by Joel Mathis and I was left shaking my head. The article went into great detail about how successful Biden has been in his first two months and it claims this flurry of success shows the importance of experience and a lifetime of sucking off the teat of the American people as a lifelong Senator and Vice President. Okay, that last part was my opinion. This author cannot possibly believe what his fingers typed….Can he?

The only thing I can agree with is his first paragraph where he refers to Trump and Kamala Harris claiming during the election that Joe Biden had been around too long and was too old for the job. Unfortunately, he when on to say that they were both off their marks. Actually, he is with the rest of his article. Let’s break it down.

His first claim is that Biden’s administration has hit the ground running. That they are well ahead of their initial goal of distributing the vaccines and that the Whitehouse spearheaded the $1.9 trillion relief bill. He praised the fact that Biden had signed far more executive orders than any of his 21st century predecessors.

Facts: the vaccine and distribution plan was set up by Trump prior to the transition. Biden just had to not screw it up. The Relief Bill had been in the works since 2020 and again, Biden just had to stay out of the way until it reached his desk for signature BUT the bill is a disaster of bad pork and should have been called the swine bill. As for Executive Orders…..remember when Trump was being called a dictator for using these swipes of the pen? Now Biden is a hero for signing them at a record pace. Can you be more hypocritical? I don’t think so.

He goes on to say that from Clinton through Bush, they all needed a transition period and Biden slid right into the job……Good God, he has insulted Putin, made a mockery of our relationship with China, has agitated North Korea and has destroyed our Southern Border and has us back on track to be reliant on Russia, Ukraine and the Middle East for oil. Are these what you call the accomplishments of a seasoned politician? Give me a rookie.

His closing paragraph reads: So far, though, it looks as though President Biden came to the White House ready and able to do his job effectively, and Americans are benefitting as a result.

Who has benefitted? The millions he has already put out of jobs. The future generations that will foot the bill for the $2 Trillion Pork Fest not to mention the $3 Trillion Infrastructure bill he is working on. The unemployed who will have to fight with the flood of unskilled and cheap labor flooding across the border. Thank God he is only a part time President who takes every weekend off for if this is what he can accomplish working a short week, I hope he doesn’t all of a sudden decide to give it his all.


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