Israel – DO NOT divide the Land the Lord God gave you

By Lyle Rapacki

Those who aid and abet the removal of even a stone from the Lord’s Land shall also be subject to severe discipline if not out-and-out punishment. 


The pending Middle East Peace Plan structured by Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law, shall have absolute seriously sobering and punitive results if implemented; if one stone is given away to another country or people, regardless who they may be and regardless under what title alluding to goodness.  The Lord God, the King of kings and Lord of lords stated most clearly that the land He gave to His chosen people, Israel, shall NOT be given away nor divided nor shall any who rise up against the Lord’s Land be victorious or prosperous.  Those who aid and abet the removal of even a stone from the Lord’s Land shall also be subject to severe discipline if not out-and-out punishment.  I pray the Middle East Peace Plan structured by Jared Kushner and endorsed by our President Trump does not include the removal of one stone from God’s given land to the Israelites’.  Please Mr. President take a serious and quiet look at what has already been prescribed, and what is still to come, in reference to the Middle East Peace Plan.  AMERICA…The Remnant Church…AWAKE!!  This is a critical time to pray interceding that God’s Law not man’s ideas and schemes prevail.  Serious, serious repercussions shall come if any of the Lord’s Land is given away!

          A little over a year ago, Prophet Jim Stockstill of Argyle, Texas and I sent you, Mr. President, a biblical response to your then, Trump Peace Plan.  Likewise…we sent to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu the same detailed response.  Both of your offices received such, and both offices were sufficiently convicted to delay any formal announcement – twice responses were sent to enlighten and forewarn.  With some wording change and a casual but careful circumventing of Biblical warning as to what shall happen if even stones from the Lord’s Land were given away, a new plan was created, but with the same intent – take land from Israel and give to another.  This action, if carried forward shall prove a choice with mammoth sobering consequences for all who partook in the development of said plan, and for the nations they represent. 

          I ask again Remnant Church…AWAKE!  This is a time of need for intercessory prayer. ~LJR

Jared Kushner: “The first time Israel has agreed to a map of a Palestinian state.”

Sacrifices Israel has made for peace; but God’s word says there’ll be no peace. Jeremiah 6:14

– and that the land should not be divided; yet they did over and over and may again??

Joel 3:2 God said, “I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for My people and for My heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations and parted My land.”  Joel 3:2

8-17-20, ArutzSheva — Jared Kushner, adviser and son-in-law to US Pres Trump addressing the Jewish State Israel peace agreement. He recently helped broker between Israel and the United Arab Emirates [UAE] and said:

“Israel has made a very generous proposal for the establishment of a Palestinian state, including an exchange of territories. The understanding that this is the situation has enabled the breakthrough that led to the current agreement. The president laid out his vision for peace in January this year … and this is the first map ever agreed to by one of the parties publicly put out in a peace negotiation. We got Israel to agree to negotiate on the basis of the process of division, they agreed to the map and agreed to move forward on a Palestinian state. This was a major breakthrough that changed the view of a lot of people in the region about Israel’s seriousness to actually make concessions to resolve this longstanding conflict. [..] ​

When asked how the US would make certain that Israel does not unilaterally annex any territory he said: “We built a very trusting relationship with Israel. President Trump is committed to holding them accountable to it, and Israel has agreed with us that they will not move forward without our consent. We do not plan to give our consent for some time, as of right now the focus has to be on getting this new peace agreement implemented. We really want to get as much interchange between Israel and the United Arab Emirates as possible, and we really want Israel to focus on creating new relationships and new alliances.
“That land is land that right now that Israel, quite frankly controls. It’s Israelis who are living there; it’s not going anywhere. There shouldn’t be any urgency to apply Israeli law. So we believe that they will stick to their agreement.”  (Source)

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