"I've Never Seen Biden a Day in My Life. Trump is the Change, Bro, For the People"

As an “America First” advocate, nothing makes me happier than seeing Americans – all Americans – I don’t care what color or religion – supporting President Trump. Because I truly believe that Trump wants to see all Americans prosper.

He doesn’t have that slimy and greasy “politician” background like Biden does. Yeah, he’s been president for 4 years, but he’s still not “one of them.” He’s different and that’s why his goals and his fight are different than anyone who’s come before him and certainly vastly different than Dementia Joe.

And it does my heart so good to see young people notice this. Sometimes we write off younger generations as stupid and clueless, but so many of them so actually “get it.”

Like this guy here.

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I saw this video and I literally RUSHED to get it to you because it’s so inspiring and this kid is so on target.

He’s a young guy, who lives right across the street from the projects in Delaware and he says he’s never seen Joe Biden a day in his life.

He says that Democrats have created this mess for a “hundred” years, and if we want to see real change, we gotta stay with Trump.

He says that all this other stuff we’re hearing from the Dems are lies.


Nobody could have said it better….nobody.

You can watch the video below:

Joe Biden has been in office for nearly 50-years…FIFTY.

And what has he done?

He oversaw the mass incarceration of black men for “weed” possession, he helped collapse the middle-class and gave China the boost they needed to rise up and mop the floor up with us.

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It’s amazing to me that people look at that record and this man who literally has Dementia, and thinks that what America needs.

Thankfully though, we have young people like this guy here who totally “get it.”

Spread his message far and wide, folks.


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