Jacob Blake Shooting: Kenosha Police Union Releases New Detils

Here are the actual and undisputed facts:

• The officers were dispatched to the location due to a complaint that Mr. Blake was
attempting to steal the caller’s keys/vehicle.

• Officers were aware of Mr. Blake’s open warrant for felony sexual assault (3rd degree)
before they arrived on scene.

• Mr. Blake was not breaking up a fight between two females when officers arrived on scene.

• The silver SUV seen in the widely circulated video was not Mr. Blake’s vehicle.

• Mr. Blake was not unarmed. He was armed with a knife. The officers did not see the knife initially. The officers first saw him holding the knife while they were on the passenger side of the vehicle. The “main” video circulating on the internet shows Mr. Blake with the knife in his left hand when he rounds the front of the car. The officers issued repeated commands for Mr. Blake to drop the knife. He did not comply.

• The officers initially tried to speak with Mr. Blake, but he was uncooperative.

• The officers then began issuing verbal commands to Mr. Blake, but he was non-complaint.

• The officers next went “hands-on” with Mr. Blake, so as to gain compliance and control.

• Mr. Blake actively resisted the officers’ attempt to gain compliance.

• The officers then disengaged and drew their tasers, issuing commands to Mr. Blake that he would be tased if he did not comply.

• Based on his non-compliance, one officer tased Mr. Blake. The taser did not incapacitate Mr. Blake.

• The officers once more went “hands-on” with Mr. Blake; again, trying to gain control of the escalating situation.

• Mr. Blake forcefully fought with the officers, including putting one of the officers in a

• A second taser (from a different officer than had deployed the initial taser) was then
deployed on Mr. Blake. It did not appear to have any impact on him.

• Based on the inability to gain compliance and control after using verbal, physical and less lethal means, the officers drew their firearms.

• Mr. Blake continued to ignore the officers’ commands, even with the threat of lethal force now present.

So, according to the union, the object that appears in Blake’s hand in the video is a knife, and the SUV whose door he opened — with three of his kids sitting in the back — did not belong to him.

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