Jake Tapper Tweets Out Yet Another Mask-Wearing "Work Selfie" But It's The Disgusting Ceiling at CNN That Has People Talking

What’s happening over at CNN?

Are they so broke that they can’t afford to repair a dilapidated ceiling?


That’s what people were wondering when Jake Tapper tweeted out yet another self-righteous mask-wearing work selfie.

There’s no doubt that Tapper loves his masks – he takes photos in them when he’s all alone in the lunchroom, and now he’s wearing one as he walks the hallowed (and filthy-looking) halls of CNN (alone?).

He also posted one of himself after work…

Nevermind, that poor Jake looks like he could pack his under-eye bags and go on a 3-week cruise, and his quilted mask is on his face crooked, it’s that ghastly ceiling that has people talking.

Here’s what Jake said: “Walking back to my office from the studio”

Look at the ceiling falling apart. What the heck is he walking through, Skid Row?

Greta Van Susteren, who used to work at NN pointed out the ceiling tiles that are falling out.

Here’s what she said:

“When I worked at CNN, it did not have missing ceilings tiles 🙂 but we also did not have masks with show names on it..we had to settle for baseball caps with our show names on it”

Here are some other comments about Tapper and his dilapidated selfie:

“I believe I saw a week or so ago a photo of the CNN center in Atlanta where they still haven’t repaired the damage from the Summer “largely peaceful” protest riots..”

“Cost cutting Greta”

“They are going broke! Ratings are at a all time low. #CNNSUCKS”

“Revenues are down at the Propaganda Dept of the DNC”

“CNN center is a dump now”

CNN looks, sounds, and feels like a total dumpy organization, held together by Scotch tape and Elmer’s glue.

This selfie of Jake’s is actually perfect symbolism.

He looks tired, drawn, and gaunt, just like the ceiling and their “news” coverage.


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