James Comey Turns Heads With This Damning Comment on Hunter Biden

Could it be that Comey isn’t as big of a dolt as we all though he was?

Well after watching this clip between him and Senator Lindsey Graham, I would say yes!

Graham questioned Comey on the pile of trouble evidence just unearthed against Hunter Biden and in a complete twist, Comey actually agreed that Hunter’s offenses would concern him if he were still FBI Director.

Watch the video:

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What’s even more interesting is that U.S. embassy officials had long been suspicious of Hunter’s activities related to Burisma.

From Just the News

Right up to Obama’s last day in office, the U.S. embassy officials continued to follow and remark on Burisma’s escape from prosecution.

For more than a year, the Bidens, congressional Democrats and their allies in the American media have sought to portray the story of Hunter Biden’s work for Burisma as a Russian-inspired conspiracy theory that had been discredited.

But the Obama-Biden era documents gathered by this news organization over more than a year under FOIA clearly show State officials believed the Bidens’ behavior created the appearance of a conflict of interest because Joe Biden continued to preside over anti-corruption policy in Ukraine while his son worked for a company under investigation for corruption.

And now the latest documents show those same officials had reported not one, but two alleged efforts by Burisma to pay bribes to end the investigations while the vice president’s son served on the company’s board.

Of course we know that the FBI was far too interested in falsifying FASFA


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