James O’Keefe Reveals Federal Agent Involved in PA Whistleblower Case Suddenly Deleted His Anti-Trump Twitter Account

There’s recently been quite a big debate on the USPS whistleblower in Pennsylvania.


Richard Hopkins reportedly withdrew his claim of ballot fraud after federal agent Russel Strasser was captured on video by Project Veritas coercing Hopkins to withdraw his affidavit.

From New York Post

Agent Russell Strasser, from the USPS Office of the Inspector General, was focused instead on convincing Hopkins to change the affidavit he had given to independent, undercover news organization Project VeritasHopkins’ affidavit, dated last Friday, was a bombshell, which is why it was cited by Sen. Lindsey Graham when he called for the Justice Department and the FBI to launch an investigation.

On Monday, Attorney General Bill Barr authorized federal prosecutors to examine any credible allegations of voting irregularities.

So, you can see the stakes were high, and the pressure on this 32-year-old divorced postal worker, a Marine veteran, was immense.

What Hopkins claimed in his sworn affidavit was that the postmaster in Erie, Pa., Rob Weisenbach, had instructed postal workers to segregate any mail ballots they received after Election Day, Nov. 3, and hand them over to him, rather than place them in the normal mail-stream to be accurately postmarked in Pittsburgh.

He found that suspicious.

Well now Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe is dropping another bombshell on this story and it’s about agent Strasser deleting his Twitter.

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Apparently there was quite a bit of anti-Trump material found on his page before it was deleted.

You can see the two screenshots in Keefe’s tweet below:

Mighty interesting huh?

The corruption certainly runs deep in our government.

It’s absolutely stomach wrenching.

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